Humanitarian XP Fundraising: How to Pay For Your Trip

Whether you have your Humanitarian Experience (Humanitarian XP) trip scheduled or you’re planning ahead for next year, before you know it, you’ll be boarding the plane and heading to your best adventure yet. Finding ways to pay for your trip is an important part of preparing to leave, and it’s easiest if you make a plan and get started early.

We’ve picked out some ideas to help you get started, so let’s gooooooooo!! 

How to Pay for Your Trip

Builders typically pay for Humanitarian XP trips in the following ways:

  1. 1. Let your inner entrepreneur shine and find ways to pay your own way. We’ve listed a few of the cool ideas that Builders have come up with over the years to fund their trips below. If you already have a part-time job, start setting aside money from your paycheck now! Even if you only contribute a portion of the trip cost, you will feel more invested in your experience.

  1. 2. Your Builder Portal checklist has a donation link, unique to your account, which will enable donors to make payments to Humanitarian Experience on your behalf. Donations made in this way will be towards your trip. They won’t need anything other than the link to donate, so you can send it to anyone who may want to help you! Make sure your donors understand that the IRS will not allow Humanitarian Experience to refund donations if your trip is canceled or you can’t go for any other reason. See our donations page for more information.


Builders are getting more creative every year with their efforts to earn the money to pay for their HXP trip, and we wanted to share some fun ideas! One year, a Builder paid for her entire trip by selling jars of homemade salsa. Another Builder started making and selling digital artwork, and not only paid for her trip but eventually turned it into a small business! No matter what you choose to do, people will be excited to support you. 

      • Set up a subscription service in your neighborhood for services you offer/items you sell
      • Organize a concert with local musicians and sell tickets for entry
      • Bake and sell FHE treats like cookies, bread, or cinnamon rolls on Mondays 
      • Offer a holiday gift-wrapping service out of your house for Christmas gifts
      • Mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow, clean gutters, or take out the trash every week
      • Make bracelets, scrunchies, or other accessories
      • Start an online boutique using low-cost, imported items 
      • Volunteer babysitting services 
      • List old clothes on Poshmark or Instagram, or offer to do it for others
      • Start a house cleaning business
      • Install Christmas lights around your neighborhood
      • Prepare and deliver holiday treats (birthday cakes, Christmas cookies, Valentine’s chocolates, etc.)
      • Get an after-school job
      • Decorate festive porches in your neighborhood for various seasons

As you can see, there are countless ways to pay for your Humanitarian XP trip, so hopefully, this list gets your creative juices flowing!  If you decide to fundraise for your trip, be sure to post it on social media and tag us so we can feature your efforts.

Fundraising Miracle Stories

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