Contingency Plan 2024

HumanitarianXP Contingency Plan 2024


All bookings made during Registration Week (November 27-December 1, 2023), are eligible for a Money-Back Guarantee. If the trip is canceled by HXP 90 days or more prior to departure due to complications or restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic*, civil unrest, natural disaster, or other comparable force majeure, Builders and Parent Builders may either (a) switch with their same group to a Domestic Alternative Service Trip, and receive a difference in cost or (b) HXP will refund them the entire cost of their trip less the original non-refundable deposit and any donations. Eligible refunds would be issued back to the original form of payment. If the trip is canceled for any reason fewer than 90 days prior to departure, the Money-Back Guarantee is no longer valid.


To be eligible for the Money-Back Guarantee, booking must be made during Registration Week (November 27-December 1, 2023), and travel must conclude by August 31, 2024.


The safety of your Builder has always been a top priority at HumanitarianXP. We believe that a life-changing impact is only possible when we work within a secure environment. The HumanitarianXP methodology already includes crucial aspects of our safety approach and this year we are continuing the sanitation protocols that will help protect the Builders and those we serve even more.

Our commitment is to take precautions wherever we’re traveling and to work closely with our local coordinators and Trip Leaders to ensure safety, so we developed the HumanitarianXP SafeCrossings program.

SafeCrossings is a detailed guide for exactly how we’re making safety a top priority at every point along the trip. It includes safety protocols and clearing guidelines for each moment of the expedition—on the bus, at the worksites, in the hotels, while eating meals, and more.

*Humanitarian Experience has no special knowledge of health hazards—either during your travel or while at your destination. For the latest travel health information, including COVID-19 data, all travelers should review the State Department’s travel advisories at and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at

Humanitarian Experience has no responsibility for COVID-19-related requirements or restrictions that are imposed by travel suppliers and governments, such as health affidavit forms, health screenings, face coverings, vaccines, or quarantines. For the latest COVID-19 government travel regulations, please reference the International Air Transport Association website at