Fundraising: Brook’s Story

No matter where you come from or how you get on a trip, HumanitarianXP will leave you wanting more. It becomes even more rewarding when you are able to raise the money yourself! You might be wondering, how is it possible to raise that much money? Well, let us tell you that it is VERY possible. We believe in you and know that if a HumanitarianXP trip is truly your priority, those dreams can come true.

With planning ahead and hard work we believe that you can meet the 2022 payment deadlines. 

Brook was a builder this last year in 2021. Though the task was daunting she discovered her own unique way to fundraise enough money to send her on a trip. Brook loves collecting stickers. When she realized that HumanitarianXP didn’t have stickers of their own, she took the matters into their own hands. 

“I researched every single trip available for the 2021 summer to find something unique. I spent about a day and a half designing and publishing the stickers. The day came where I posted it officially on Instagram and the results were shocking to me. I received tons of messages thanking me for the stickers and requests for even more. I loved making them and seeing all the places where the stickers were headed. HumanitarianXP is globally connected and it is amazing. My dad came with me on the trip and asked me to make one specifically for our trip so we could stick on our hard hats. It brought all of us together on the first day at the site and made it such a memorable experience.”

Brook Olson (Yucatan)

Put your own creative twist on your fundraising! Do something you are passionate about and not only will you succeed, but you’ll enjoy it along the way. There are innumerable creative ways to raise money for this life changing experience. Brainstorm with us and read our Fundraising Ideas.