This experience was formerly know as Youth Refugee Coalition (YRC). In 2016, Humanitarian XP began partnering with YRC to conduct trips amongst refugees, and it was later obsorbed it into our organization. You and your group will go into refugee camps around the world and help people who have been displaced from their homes by war or economic hardship. The mission of Refuge XP is to provide an opportunity for youth to respond to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s call to participate in the assistance of refugees around the world.  


Refuge XP: Find Joy in the Journey


Learn to truly love your fellow man by serving those who have recently lost everything. Provide new opportunities and restore a sense of purpose to refugees forced from their homes, communities, and families. Gain an increased understanding of what it means to be an informed and empathetic global citizen as you cross cultural boundaries and participate in new customs and traditions. Step out of your comfort zone by daily interacting with people of foreign lands, languages and faiths. Find the deeper sense of meaning described by Elder Kearon when he shared that “ministering to these [refugees] so immediately in need provides the richest, most fulfilling experience” to those who serve.