Vaccine Agreement

A Note About the COVID Vaccine:

First, we want to acknowledge that there is a wide range of strong opinions on this topic, and we have heard informed and intelligent voices on both sides of the issue. While we generally believe that vaccines should be a personal decision, we were faced this year with the unique challenge of sending out nearly 6,000 people to locations with far less access to proper health care than most of us currently have.

As Responsible Humanitarians in the midst of a global pandemic, our difficult choice this year was either to require the vaccine for everyone, or not to run trips at all.  By requiring the vaccine, even though the virus can still be transmitted, we are far less likely to hurt the good people we are trying to help. When visiting people in their own homes and communities around the world, we believe we must do everything we can to mitigate our risk of harming them.

We respect those who elect not to participate in our programs this summer because of their aversion to the vaccine, and we hope you will find other meaningful ways to serve.

By registering for an HXP trip, you agree to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus by March 11, 2022. Official documentation will be required.