These “Dealbreakers” cover the most common reasons Builders get sent home, but these are not the only things you could get sent home for. Please thoroughly review the full Builder Agreement and make sure you will be able to succeed on your HXP trip. Although some of these rules may seem silly or extreme, they are all in place for a reason and allow us to run trips throughout the world with confidence that we are prioritizing Builder safety.

If you break any of these rules, you will be sent home from your trip immediately, at your own expense.

The Rule of 3: All builders must be in a group of three people, always

Whether it be at the worksite, a sightseeing activity, church, or even just running into a public bathroom, all Builders must be in a group of at least three people, always. No matter where you are, find at least two Builders and stick together. Like glue. Like super hot glue you kind of hate at first but then love when you realize it is what’s keeping you safe. More than anything, it’s about always having one another’s back. Take care of your people by making sure that no one in your group is ever alone. If someone in your group needs to go to the bathroom, decide now to be the first one to jump up and go with her. This rule has saved lives at HXP more than once. Love each other enough to never leave someone in your group vulnerable. This rule also prohibits anyone from pairing off… need we say more?

Kissing: No kissing or any time of sexual or romantic relationships

Let us be clear here. . . we are, in the abstract, pro-kissing (in the right settings). But on a HXP trip, pairing off becomes a serious distraction to why we’re there: to help people. Listen. Kissing (or pairing off) totally changes the group dynamic and affects everyone on the trip. Trust us. So we are asking you to keep your focus on serving, and even if you meet the girl or boy of your dreams, you are making a promise here to restrain yourself from kissing them until you get home. After that, it’s entirely up to you.

If you decide you simply can’t wait to kiss someone on your trip, you’re welcome to make that choice. Just know that you’ll be choosing that instead of staying on your trip (i.e. you’ll be flying home early to your own cost and never coming back to Humanitarian XP). That’s one expensive kiss! But hey. . . no judgement. Kissing is not a sin, and you’re not a bad person for doing it. It’s just not something we can have on our trips. Just like wearing flip flops is not a sin, but we can’t have you wear them on the worksite. Does that distinction make sense?

Sneaking Off: Builders cannot separate or sneak out for any reason

No matter how confident you feel going off by yourself in another country, or how good that treat from the market next door sounds, sneaking off is a serious risk. Like, buried-landmines-and-poisonous-snakes-type risk. You aren’t in Kansas anymore. Even if you are in Kansas, i.e. you’re on a Mainland trip, the same rules apply. There are dangers in every location that you put at risk when you are unfamiliar with the area. Stick with your group: your Trip Leaders know what they’re doing. As a group, you are visible wherever you go. People are definitely going to notice you, and some people way not have the best intentions. Your safety is the most important priority to HXP and to your Trip Leaders – but it should also be yours. If we discover that you snuck out, we’ll send you home (and prohibit you from returning in the future). We really love you guys, which is why we’re deal-breaker strict on this one!

Health Code: Builders must adhere to the HXP health code

We’ve chosen to follow the same code as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. No drugs, vaping, smoking, alcohol, black tea, or coffee. We’ve had to send a few Builders home for this in the last few years, and it is always so sad for everyone. If you’ve had a problem with substance abuse, think about this trip as a chance for a clean start.

This year the HXP health code also includes any COVID-19 requirements specific to your location, or to the “HXP SafeCrossings” protocol (further explained in the Contingency Plans Policy).

Secret Phones: No second or secret phones allowed

Every once in a while, a Builder sneaks a secret phone or other Wi-Fi connecting device into their luggage. Sometimes parents even encourage the hiding of these devices. It may not seem like a big deal, but you’d be surprised at how that one choice can actually totally wreck your focus on the trip, and even affect the focus of the rest of your group because that phone inevitably gets passed around.  It’s damaging enough that this year it landed in the Dealbreakers section. If there are any special circumstances that would make it necessary to call home during your trip, talk to your Trip Leaders about it and they can work something out. Otherwise, keep your head in the game. You’ll thank us when you’re busy enjoying being present on one of the biggest adventures of your life.

Aggressive language/behavior

We take Builder safety extremely seriously.

Any language or behavior that compromises another Builder’s sense of safety or detracts from the group’s ability to have an uplifting experience is grounds for being sent home. This includes but is not limited to, any verbal, written, or physical expressions of violence, intimidation, or discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc.

Racist jokes are not okay. Sexist or demeaning comments are not okay. Bullying, including hazing, of any kind is absolutely not okay. Part of the magic of our trips is the unique spirit that we enjoy as we serve together. We will not tolerate any language or behavior that detracts from that spirit.

No form of sexually explicit language, sexual advances, harassment, or abuse will be tolerated on an HXP trip. In addition to immediately being sent home, legal action may be taken against any person who sexually harasses or abuses another person on a trip (including against a Builder). We feel a parental level of protectiveness when it comes to our Builders, and we will not hesitate to take drastic measures to keep them safe.

To ensure an uplifting environment throughout the trip, HXP strictly enforces the following practices:

Sexually explicit conversations are absolutely off-limits on an HXP trip. 

In addition to kissing or sexual relationships, there is no sharing beds, “mega beds”, cuddling, hand holding or massaging. 

No inappropriate games, music, pictures, drawings, letters, or gestures.

We embrace a “Don’t shut up, report up!” mentality and strongly encourage any Builder who experiences anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe to immediately talk to their Trip Leaders regarding the situation. Every person on the trip is responsible for preventing and responding to sexual misconduct.

Your Trip Leaders have been trained to listen to you, believe, and do whatever is necessary to make Builders feel safe.