Cost Breakdown

Your trip cost covers just about every aspect of your experience, starting when you meet at the airport. One of the reasons we are able to keep trip prices so low is because in addition to the great relationships with vendors all over the world, as a nonprofit, we price HumanitarianXP trips very close to what they cost us to run, since we don’t profit off of trips. 

Below is a breakdown of what is and isn’t included in the price of your trip. Please account for these extra costs when you are budgeting for your trip.


Flex budget: These funds are a buffer for cultural experiences, treats, and/or celebrations and will be determined by the group leaders with the help of Builders during the trip.

HXP travel insurance: HumanitarianXP purchases travel insurance for Builders traveling internationally for what happens during the trip. For Builders traveling to domestic locations, you will use your own personal health insurance in case of an emergency during the trip. Click here to view HXP’s full insurance policy.

International SOS services: International SOS is the world’s leading medical and travel security risk services company. This third-party professional organization offers international support and guidance, approves local hospitals and clinics, and provides and handles all emergency evacuation and security emergencies. Click here for more information about what HXP does to keep participants safe.

Domestic travel: While tickets and baggage for international travel are included in the price of international trips, participants must get themselves to the “meet-up” airport. This location is indicated in the expedition information while selecting trip preferences, then meet-up details (time, date, etc.) are posted in your Builder Portal 90 days before your trip leave date. Click here for more travel tips.

Spending money: These funds will be used for purchasing souvenirs and snacks throughout the trip. We typically suggest bringing $50-200, depending on the type of spender you are. For more packing tips, click here.

Visa/Vaccine costs: If your trip requires a specific vaccine or visa, it will be indicated during the trip selection process. These fees are highly varied based on location and typically range from $60-300. Click here to view HXP’s Vaccine Policy.

Background check: This extra check is required for Parent Builders only. The base price is $25, but if you have legally changed your name in the last seven years, it will cost $36 (an additional $11).

Paying for Your Trip

Finding ways to pay for your trip is an important part of preparing to leave, and it’s easiest if you make a plan and get started early. No matter what you choose to do, people will be excited to support you. For fundraising tips, click here.

Contributions from others (besides you or your parents) for HumanitarianXP trips may be tax-deductible, provided that certain conditions are met.  The money you donate to HumanitarianXP will still be used for humanitarian purposes and is therefore still considered to be a non-refundable donation by the IRS. For more information about donations, click here.