HXP highly recommends purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance and/or Cancel for Any Reason insurance to protect your investment in the event that for any reason YOU need to cancel your trip prior to the start date. You can learn more about these coverages here. (The HXP money-back guarantee applies only if HXP cancels the trip.) 

HXP recommends the following resources for Trip Cancellation and/or Cancel for Any Reason insurance.  These websites will allow comparison of various travel insurers to make the best decision for your needs.*

HXP purchases travel insurance for Builders traveling internationally for what happens during the trip. For Builders traveling to domestic locations, you will use your own personal health insurance in case of an emergency during the trip.

HXP travel insurance includes:

  • Medical insurance
  • Medical evacuation
  • Security evacuation
  • Lost baggage
  • Baggage delay
  • Trip Delay
  • Trip Interruption
  • Personal property

HXP travel insurance does not include:

  • If you decide to cancel your trip at any time for any reason**
  • If you become unable to travel due to sickness or any other reason

In addition to travel insurance, HXP has contracted with World Travel Protection (WTP) to provide additional travel assistance services.*** HXP coverage protects Builders during their trip. HXP travel insurance does not protect Builders before the trip begins. For example, if Builders choose to cancel their trip or become sick or unable to travel for any reason, Builders are responsible for the loss of these expenses.

Please review the policy linked below to learn more about our travel insurance policy. Pay close attention to the exclusions on page 16 of the policy.

*When selecting a travel insurance policy, we recommend that each participant reviews the terms and conditions of their chosen policy carefully, especially to confirm coverage for COVID-19 if that is a concern. Humanitarian XP is not qualified to answer technical questions about the benefits, exclusions, and conditions of travel protection plans. Humanitarian XP cannot evaluate the adequacy of the prospective insured’s existing insurance coverage. If you have any questions about your travel protection plans, consult one of the brokers above or your personal insurance broker. 

**Without adequate travel insurance you may not be able to recoup your expenses if the trip is cancelled by Humanitarian XP or you choose not to travel.  You acknowledge that without this coverage, there may be no way to recoup any losses, costs or expenses incurred. If you choose to travel without adequate coverage, we will not be liable for any of your losses howsoever arising, for which trip protection plan coverage would otherwise have been available.

***You may have existing travel assistance and insurance benefits through memberships such as AAA or credit cards such as American Express or Chase. We strongly recommend you consider these benefits in determining the best way to protect your travel.

 Humanitarian XP Travel Insurance