HXP Vaccine Policy

Does HXP Require any Vaccines?

HXP does not require vaccines that are not mandatory for travel to each respective location. We believe it is a family decision, but we strongly suggest following country-specific guidelines as recommended by your local travel physician and the CDC.  

Is the Covid-19 Vaccine required?

Now that the global pandemic is over, HXP is no longer requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for the 2023 season. Please note that some of the countries and projects that we work with will still require it, however, HXP will revert back to our normal policy regarding all recommended vaccines. Please note that some countries or projects may announce a change mid-year to their requirements. Should that happen, we will do all we can to reroute you to a different trip, but depending on the time of year when the announcement is made, that may or may not be possible. Click the button below to review the full 2023 HXP Vaccine Policy that you will agree to upon registration.

What trips require a Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Ghana and Zimbabwe require a yellow fever vaccination to enter. We recommend scheduling your vaccination soon to avoid any possible shortages. You can call your doctor or your local health clinic to schedule this. After receiving the vaccine, you will be given a yellow certificate that you will need to keep and present at border crossings when you arrive in country. Make sure to have this yellow certificate with your passport the day you meet up with your group. You will not be able to get into your country if you do not have your certificate with you.

If you do not receive your yellow fever vaccine prior to 10 days before your departure date, you will not be allowed to come on the trip and will forfeit all payments toward your trip.

What about Malaria medication?

Though it is not required, we highly recommend taking malaria medicine on your trip if you are traveling to Africa due to the high risk of malaria transmission in the regions you visit. You will need to get this prescribed by a doctor or health clinic so we recommend scheduling an appointment soon. Malaria medicine typically needs to be started a couple weeks prior to travel so make sure your appointment allows time for this.