Trip Leader: Can Married People Apply?

Married individuals can (and should) apply to be Trip Leaders! Every year, many of our new and veteran Trip Leaders are married. 

The same rules always apply for married Trip Leaders as well as single Trip Leaders:

  • First year Trip Leaders are required to lead two trips for a total of four weeks. 
  • They have to attend Trip Leader Training every year with the rest of the cohort. 

While on the trip, all Trip Leaders can stay in touch with family and friends back home. This is no different for married Trip Leaders, and they are encouraged to stay in touch with their spouse. However, this should never become a distraction from the group. 

We have also had many married couples both be Trip Leaders in the same summer! They have often said that the experience has strengthened their relationship significantly. Married couples cannot, however, be Trip Leaders together on their first trip. 

Although it can be hard to be away from a spouse, HXP trips are spiritually strengthening to those on the trip as well as family at home, and we have seen over and over that this especially applies to married couples.