Trip Costs for Humanitarian XP 2021

The cost of each trip is something we take very seriously, and we always have our Builders in mind. Each Humanitarian XP trip is priced by the cost that it takes to run that trip. We negotiate with all of our international vendors to keep costs as low as possible with you in mind. The payment schedule is strict because it coincides with payments that we have to make to the local vendors in each country to make each trip happen. 

Payment Schedule: 

Pre-registration: Humanitarian XP pre-registration is a $100 fee that goes towards being at the front of the line for registration. For more information on how registration works, click here. This fee goes towards the deposit and is fully refundable up until official registration opens. 

Deposit: This $500 goes towards the full price of your trip and is due at registration. Full refunds are accepted if the trip is cancelled within 48 hours of reservation.

Halfway: This is exactly what it sounds like: the halfway mark to your trip when half of the total trip price is due. If the amount is not reached by the designated time, a late fee will be applied. The Halfway amount is $2000 (this includes the $500 deposit).

Final Balance: Each trip varies in total cost, since the price is determined by how much that trip costs to run. The complete payment is due by a certain time and a fee is applied if the payments are late. No refunds are allowed at this point. 

How to pay for your trip: 

You or your parents make payments: As simple as it sounds. Payments can be made little by little, but the balance that is due upon certain dates must be reached by that date. 

Friends make donations: We’ve found that friends are often more than willing to contribute to something so meaningful. They can make donations when you give out your personal link to donate on your behalf.

Fundraising: Many of our Builders have gone on trips at little or no expense to themselves or their family simply through fundraising. Don’t let the cost stop you from joining us! Learn more about fundraising ideas here.