2024 Project Story: Zimbabwe

Nelson Mandela once said, 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

Currently, over 67% of Zimbabwe’s school children do not have access to quality education that will ensure they can reach their full potential. The education system in Zimbabwe struggles to facilitate learning due to a lack of resources. This leads to large numbers of children dropping out. In Zimbabwe, education affects the quality of life by providing better jobs with higher wages. The lack of space and resources make attending school difficult for students. 

This summer, HXP Builders will be building additional classrooms for a primary school in the most impoverished areas in Zimbabwe. These classrooms will be used as new areas for learning due to lack of space and overcrowded classrooms. With more classroom space, more students throughout the community will be able to attend school for the first time, and current students will be able to learn more effectively with less overcrowding.

Source: Teach For Zimbabwe