2024 Project Story — Uruguay

Uruguay Project Story

In 2023, Uruguay grapples with the pervasive challenge of wealth inequality, with a substantial portion of the impoverished population comprising women and children. Shockingly, children under the age of 15 constitute a significant percentage of the most impoverished sector, highlighting a pressing concern for the country’s future. Additionally, rural families residing in the poorest 20 percent of the population face the dual burden of poverty and a higher prevalence of children. The COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified these challenges, especially as education transitioned to online platforms. This shift laid bare a stark digital divide, disproportionately affecting lower-income households and exacerbating educational disparities. Many marginalized communities found themselves at the forefront of bridging the educational gap, albeit hindered by the lack of resources and capacity. 

This summer, HXP Builders will embark on a transformative build project in Uruguay. Their mission is to construct additional classrooms in a local community that will help ease the strain on existing educational infrastructure and also contribute to maintaining safety standards in a region where many buildings are at risk of deterioration. Sources: World Bank, UNICEF