2023 Project Story: Samoa Apia

Samoa is a small island nation in Oceania that is known for its natural beauty and friendly, welcoming people. While its island life is often a beachside paradise, the country is prone to natural disasters like tsunamis and cyclones. These inevitable disasters often wipe out homes, businesses, and churches, leaving many local families without a place to live, work, or gather as a community.

About 19 percent of Samoans live below the poverty line, live in rural communities where jobs are difficult to find, and make the majority of their income through agricultural work. In addition, natural disasters, particularly the recent tsunami triggered by a volcanic eruption in Tonga, and the shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have added more stress to the country’s agriculture industry. Because of this, it is increasingly difficult for families to pull themselves out of poverty.

This summer, HXP Builders will construct homes for local families in need. Together, we will work to provide warm, safe homes that they can enjoy. These residential structures will have a direct impact on the lives of these families and allow them to focus on providing for their children, prioritizing education, and supporting future generations.