2023 Project Story: Samoa Apia

Samoa is a small island nation in Oceania that is known for its natural beauty and friendly, welcoming people. Compared to the Pacific community and even a majority of the world population, Samoan schools have the characteristics of an effective education system. However, increased emphasis on retention could improve the quality and effectiveness of education in Samoa. While education has improved dramatically over the years, there is still has room to grow, especially in terms of dropout rates and preparation for the workforce.

Recent Samoan national reports highlight education as a critical issue in the cycle of rural poverty. The 2013 Samoa Hardship and Poverty Report between poverty, vulnerability status, and the level of education in Samoan citizens. Only 12 percent of Samoans are formally employed, and most live off of informal wage or low-wage jobs that don’t require any training beyond secondary education. One thing that will help boost education levels and help students prepare for the workforce is increasing the quality of and access to early childhood education.

This summer, HXP Builders will construct additional classrooms for a primary school on the main island of Upolu. This space will allow more students to receive a quality, personalized education and set them up for success in secondary education and their future.