2024 Project Story: Romania Bucharest

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, one third of the population has been forced to flee the country. Many of these displaced Ukrainians have sought shelter in Romania both temporarily and permanently. Currently, Romania hosts over 130,000 Ukrainian refugees. 26% of the population are children. Due to this large influx, the public school system does not have the capacity to accommodate all of the Ukrainian children.

Several non-profit organizations have opened up schools and community centers to help with this shortage. HXP will be volunteering in a school for children ages 3 to 17. Because Ukraine is under martial law, men (ages 18-60) are not permitted to leave the country. For this reason, most refugees in Ukraine are women navigating a new country alone with children. HXP will also help provide workshops and emotional recovery classes for the mothers and children.

Since the war began, there have been many shortages in Ukraine of supplies for both Ukrainian civilians and the army. Besides volunteering in the center, builders will work alongside Ukrainian volunteers to help organize and prepare packages of donations for civilians in affected areas. Builders will also prepare supplies for the army including learning to make some supplies by hand. These donations and supplies are transported to Ukraine weekly. The army has requested encouraging notes to be included in the supplies. Builders will directly impact those on the frontlines. The Ukrainian people in Romania have been very touched by the future support of HXP and are eager for more hands to help.