2024 Project Story: Rio Grande

Over the years, the cities along the Texas-Mexico border have lacked access to necessary resources. This has resulted in an extreme poverty rate of up to 36.85%, compared to the national average of 11.8%. The Texas Ramp Project (TRP) is a non-profit organization that provides accessible wheelchair ramps to those with disabilities that cannot afford them. Across the state, and especially in the McAllen Region, TRP receives more requests for ramps than they are able to build.

This summer, HXP Builders will partner with TRP to construct ramps for those in need. The recipients currently face steep steps and unsafe ramps that hinder their ability to leave. HXP Builders will help TRP reach many clients in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. With the new ramps, these individuals will have a reliable and safe way to enter and exit their homes. This helps them gain independence and overall improve their quality of life.