2023 Project Story: Philippines Cebu

In The Philippines, on-going financial issues and cyclical poverty has led to the growing educational gap—this problem as only increased with the shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Filipinos from high-income families who live in large cities have access to higher performing private schools, but in lower-income areas, schools lack classroom space, teachers, and adequate resources. As a result, a 2018 study found that out of 79 countries, 15-year-old Filipino students ranked last in reading comprehension.

COVID-19 has created new challenges and increased the divide in education quality between social groups, leading to education becoming a status symbol. Government-funded public schools don’t have the ability to provide the physical space for students or the resources necessary to sustain consistent learning.

This summer, HXP Builders will build classrooms at a local public school that will allow 50 additional students to go to school each year. Because of this contribution, the funding the school receives from the government can be funneled to other areas to support different scholastic needs. The impact of this change will be felt in the community for years to come.