2024 Project Story: Paraguay Iguazu

Over 30 percent of Paraguay’s population lives below the poverty line, surviving on about $2 per day. Additionally, over 50 percent of children never complete their secondary education. Paraguayan schools have one of the lowest attendance rates in all of Latin America, and the largest portion of that population comes from rural communities. This is mostly due to limited access to educational facilities—if a nearby school is already operating at capacity, other children from the area are unable to attend.

This summer, HXP Builders will construct classrooms for a public school near Asunción. The families from this area are part of an indigenous community, whose children have limited access to future employment outside of rural farming. By providing more spots for them to attend school and receive an education, the likelihood of them breaking the generational poverty cycle increases. Education provides opportunities for students to enter the workforce with increased experience, knowledge, and hope to improve their quality of life. These additional classrooms will increase the school’s capacity and affect not only the immediate community, but generations of students to come.

Sources: World Bank, UNICEF