2023 Project Story: Panama Bella Vista

Panama acts as the dividing line between Central and South America. Famous for the Panama Canal, its economy relies heavily on global trade. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted Panama as international trade and travel drastically decreased. Limited use of the canal has stunted economic growth leaving many individuals without a consistent source of revenue.

As a result of pandemic conditions, the already prominent income gap between social classes has widened even more. In 2017, the top 20 percent of the country generated 54.2 percent of income. This growing difference makes incentivizing education challenging for children as, too often, they need to enter the workforce to help provide for their families.

Education is the key to bridging this socioeconomic gap. Similar to the country’s physical position as a bridge between Central and South America, HumanitarianXP Builders’ efforts will act as a unifying force amongst social classes. As education becomes more accessible, even amidst an uncertain economy, a larger number of Panamanians will have the opportunity to better their futures. One brick at a time, Humanitarian XP will help build a path towards change.