2023 Project Story: Jordan

Conflict throughout the world has led to a massive number of individuals being displaced from their homes. This has been referred to as a “refugee crisis” A large number of these refugees, specifically Iraqi individuals, have ended up in Jordan. In addition to Iraqi refugees, Syrians, Sudanese, and Egyptians come to Jordan. Currently, there are about 70,000 Iraqi refugees in Jordan, 80% of which are in the capital Amman.

Refugees are meant to reside in Jordan for no longer than six months before being resettled by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), but in reality, many refugees have lived in Jordan for years–sometimes decades. The Covid-19 pandemic created strict restrictions and the economic impact has been severe for refugees already struggling to survive in a new country.

This summer, HXP Builders will renovate a church center focused on helping refugees learn critical life skills for independence, and teach children basic skills and education, to help them adapt while in this new country.

By renovating classrooms in the center, more refugee youth will be able to receive an education, while their parents learn trade skills to help them find jobs. You will transform the center’s capacity to service refugees. In addition, you will provide activities and English classes for the refugees. Through these efforts, you will play a significant role in the effort to successfully integrate hundreds of thousands of refugees into a new country and culture, helping them to feel accepted and safe in their new homes.