2024 Project Story: Fiji Taveuni

Although Fiji is well known for its beautiful beaches and five-star resorts, 34 percent of the population lives below the national poverty line. An estimated 140,000 people currently live in substandard housing conditions in informal housing settlements, and that number is increasing. Child care and education are especially challenging issues in rural, hard-to-reach communities, especially in informal settlements where many young families can’t access early education options. 

Outer islands are particularly overlooked, especially when it comes to educational needs. Small communities often lack the space and support that effective schools on the mainland have. Because of this, young children are often unprepared in skills needed to succeed in formal schooling, and students that graduate are underprepared for future employment opportunities.

This summer, HXP Builders will be traveling to the outer island of Taveuni, where they will construct additional classrooms for an overcrowded and underfunded school. These additional classrooms will give students more space to learn and allow more children to get an education. In addition to being a place to gather, this space will provide shelter from natural disasters like cyclones and tropical storms and keep the community safe.