2023 Project Story: Costa Rica San Jose

Costa Rica has recently experienced a larger burden on their health care systems as the demographic transitions towards a larger, older population. Palliative care has therefore become crucial in maintaining the good health of the large senior citizen population in this beautiful country. Unfortunately, with a rise in the number of people who require this care, assisted living medical facilities have no room to house the increasing number of patients.

The Hogar de Ancianos Oferlia Carvajal is an assisted living facility in the San Jose Province. The facility has doctors, nurses, and CNAs there to care for elderly patients. They have 70 full time residents and are hoping to build 6 new rooms to house 12 additional residents. 

In 2023, HXP Builders will be building new rooms to allow the facility to increase their capacity. Building these new rooms will give 12 more people access to a great medical team to keep them healthy and strong while they are growing old.