2024 Project Story: Colombia de Flores

In the past seven decades, Colombia has made significant efforts to recover from the 1948 civil war, which led to decades of civil unrest, illegal drug trade, violence, and increased poverty. While peace and safety have notably improved, the legacy of this tumultuous period still affects public systems, especially education, which remains limited in rural areas.

Colombia has made strides in strengthening its education system, but the overall quality and efficiency of basic primary and secondary public schools, particularly in low-income, rural regions, are still subpar. Roughly 1.2 million school-aged children are deprived of any formal education, and the cost of textbooks and school fees places a heavy burden on families with the lowest incomes.

Located just outside Cartagena, HXP Builders will be working in an area where generational poverty persists due to a lack of access to education. Builders will construct much-needed classrooms for a school that currently lacks sufficient space for its students. These additional classrooms will have an immediate impact on 100 families with students in the school and will indirectly benefit the 200 families living in the community. HXP Builders will have the unique opportunity to change lives by building from the ground up.

Sources: World Bank, UNICEF