2023 Project Story: Chile Patagonia

In the last 30 years, the percentage of the population in Chile composed of immigrants has risen from 1% to 9% with more than 1.5 million immigrants throughout the country. Upon moving to a new country, immigrants are uprooted from their homes and often lack the resources and opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. Even further, they are often faced with racism, xenophobia, and even violence while trying to adjust to a new culture. COVID-19 only worsened the conditions for immigrants as jobs diminished, leaving many without a stable source of income.

This summer, HXP Builders will be constructing a kitchen to provide for refugees and vulnerable, low income families in the community. This space will immediately impact the lives of more than 200 individuals and will improve their quality of life through access to consistent alimentation. The organization that will run the kitchen will provide meals on a daily basis for the community. Humanitarian XP Builders will create a safe space for refugees—one that will provide nutritious meals and a reminder that they are loved.