2023 Project Story: Cape Verde Lisbon

Cape Verde is an island country off the coast of Western Africa that is made up of ten islands and five islets. Unlike much of continental Africa, the Cape Verde islands are generally devoid of natural resources which leaves a quarter of Cape Verde’s half-a-million population living in poverty. Only 10 percent of Cape Verde is suitable for growing crops. Other natural resources are scarce, making it difficult to thrive off of exports.

The lack of natural resources means most high-paying job opportunities are available to those who have the education to acquire a skill. Key factors in breaking the generational poverty cycle are improving the quality of primary education and giving new generations access to better-paying jobs. There is an inadequate number of available classrooms, educational materials, and qualified teachers, particularly in the more impoverished areas in Cape Verde.

This summer, HumanitarianXP Builders will be working on the small island of São Vicente adding classrooms to a needy school for local children. This will allow more children to have regular education in classrooms in their local towns, therefore building on the crucial foundation needed for their futures. Instead of having to travel long distances to attend school, young students will have access to more options and local resources in São Vicente. They will have more regular class schedules and greater consistency in structure and professors.