2023 Project Story: Cape Verde Azores

Cape Verde is an island country off the coast of Western Africa that is made up of ten islands and five islets. Unlike much of continental Africa, the Cape Verde islands are generally devoid of natural resources which leaves a quarter of Cape Verde’s half-a-million population living in poverty. Only 10 percent of Cape Verde is suitable for growing crops. Other natural resources are scarce, making it difficult to thrive off of exports.

The lack of natural resources makes access to healthcare difficult and expensive for the impoverished population. There is an inadequate number of clinics, healthcare materials, and qualified teachers, in Cape Verde. This summer, HXP Builders will be working on the island of Santiago constructing a health clinic in Cape Verde’s capitol city — Praia. Builders will interact with the island locals that will use the clinic to receive safe and accessible healthcare. This clinic is going to improve current efforts to address the need of healthcare for Cape Verdeans, for future generations to come.