2024 Project Story: Bolivia Corazon

In 2023, Bolivia continues to face economic challenges, and it is considered the poorest country in Latin America according to the World Population Review. The Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) in 2008 estimated that around 3% of children aged 7-14 were not attending school in Bolivia, which amounted to approximately 57,000 children. The country’s growing population has resulted in overcrowding in major cities like Cochabamba. While education is recognized as a catalyst for positive change, many schools in Bolivia remain overcrowded, lacking adequate space for children to learn. These childhood disadvantages often limit future academic and career prospects, trapping children in the cycle of poverty.

This summer, HXP Builders are embarking on a project to construct classrooms specifically designed for children with disabilities. The school in question already supports 90 students who will immediately benefit from this construction, and the impact is expected to extend to hundreds more students in the years to come. This initiative aims to create a more inclusive and supportive educational environment, offering a pathway to a better future for children facing additional challenges in their education.

Sources: World Bank, UNICEF