2024 Project Story: Bolivia Amazon

As of 2023, Bolivia remains one of the poorest countries in Latin America, with Santa Cruz grappling with nearly 500,000 individuals living in extreme poverty. The country’s population is growing rapidly, leading to overcrowding in major cities like Santa Cruz. Despite the importance of education for positive change, many schools in Bolivia, especially in crowded urban areas, struggle to accommodate the growing number of students. It’s estimated that around 40,000 children in Santa Cruz are not able to attend school, creating barriers to breaking the cycle of poverty.

To address this challenge, HXP Builders is taking action by building two additional classrooms in the heart of Santa Cruz. These classrooms will provide students with a safe and conducive space for learning, away from the crowded city. The project aims to increase the school’s capacity and foster a sense of community. This initiative will benefit not only the immediate students but also countless others in the years to come, potentially offering a pathway out of poverty through improved educational opportunities.

Sources: World Bank, UNICEF