2023 Project Story: Bolivia Amazon

According to the World Population Review, Bolivia is the poorest country in Latin America, and almost 500,000 individuals in Santa Cruz live in extreme poverty. At the same time, the population in Bolivia is growing dramatically, which has led to overcrowding in major cities such as Santa Cruz.  Education is the key to change, yet many schools are overcrowded and lack sufficient spaces for children to learn. An estimated 40,000 children in Santa Cruz do not attend school. Often, disadvantages during childhood limit future academic and career opportunities, and children remain stuck in the cycle of poverty.

This summer, HumanitarianXP Builders will be constructing a library for a school in the heart of Santa Cruz. This library will give students a safe space to study and learn outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. It will increase the school’s capacity for learning and create a sense of community. The school supports 700 students that would immediately benefit from this library, not to mention the hundreds more that would use it during the years to come.