2024 Project Story: Belize Cayo

Belize is a small, often overlooked, country in Central America with an incredibly diverse multilingual community. However, amidst its rich history and captivating people, Belize’s education system faces problems resulting in systemic inequality. 

The enrollment at a local school has grown substantially over the past few years, reaching 425 students. While they are thrilled to see more students eager to receive an education, this has put a strain on their existing facilities. Currently, students from grades 1 through 4 are accommodated in a prefabricated building that has several critical issues including leakage during the rainy season and extreme heat during the warm months which interrupts their concentration. The classrooms are built out of shipping containers which are made up of aluminum and various metals.

This summer, HXP Builders will construct a new 2-classroom building, equipped with proper amenities including proper ventilation and cooling systems to ensure a comfortable learning environment. These new classrooms will also accommodate the growing number of students eager to receive an education.

Source: Inter-American Development Ban