2023 Project Story: Argentina Patagonia

As of 2023, the economic conditions in Argentina continue to face significant challenges, leading to increased instability. The ongoing economic insecurity has had a profound impact on the livelihoods of Argentines. According to the latest available data from the World Bank, approximately 40 percent of the population in Argentina continues to live in poverty.

UNICEF reported in 2020 that a minimum of 357,000 children had discontinued their schooling due to various factors, including the pandemic and the economic situation. Alarmingly, as of May 2021, approximately 20 percent of those students had still not returned to school. This indicates the lasting impact of these challenges on the education system in Argentina.

In response to these challenges, HXP Builders is working on a project to construct a structure aimed at supporting local students. While the final details of the project are still being finalized, this initiative reflects a concerted effort to address the educational needs of the community in light of the ongoing economic and health challenges.

Sources: World Bank, UNICEF