Limited PTO? Why It’s Worth It

CEO’s, stay at home Moms/Dads, doctors, lawyers – no matter what you do, two and a half weeks is a substantial amount of time to leave all responsibilities behind.  

But let us tell you why it’s worth it. 

Humanitarian XP was founded by parents that wanted to change the lives of their children. To this day we still have the same guiding mission: to change lives through service. We unabashedly say that we do what we do to change the lives of the Builders, knowing that their lives cannot be changed without meaningful service, evidently changing someone else’s life first. But this theory doesn’t only apply to our youth Builders, it applies to you as a Parent Builder as well. And perhaps the most magical part of the whole experience is that you will get to witness and experience this life changing service alongside your child. 

Don’t believe us? Hear it from one of our Parent Builders firsthand:

“I appreciated the opportunity to share an experience with my daughter that was close to what I went through on my own mission to the Marshall Islands. It changed us, and it’s something the two of us will always remember. I can’t wait to go again with my other two children when they are old enough!”

We know the years you have with your child at home are precious. In just a few short years they will be out of the house, and your 16 year old rolling their eyes at you for the 100th time today won’t seem so irritating. In fact, you might even miss it. To be able to experience something like this–true Christlike, selfless service–together with your son or daughter is truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Your child’s life will be changed by their Humanitarian XP trip, and so will yours. So, why is it worth it to put life on hold for two and a half weeks? Because quite frankly, you can’t afford not to experience these miracles.