How You Can Change the World

At Humanitarian XP, we know that volunteers can be miracles for people who struggle in poverty when the service is done correctly. We have seen that happen over and over for the last 20 years. In hundreds of global locations, our volunteers provide people with access to health care, education, and social services critical to their well-being. 

Setting out to serve abroad requires a sincere commitment to understanding the people and places where we serve. In our efforts to bless the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world, we have a responsibility to learn before we act. Any organization claiming to do humanitarian work perfectly is likely unaware of the complexities involved, and we understand that more than most. Here at Humanitarian XP we live by a simple creed: to try to do as much good and as little harm as possible in our efforts to help and to love. 

Our unapologetic mission is to change lives through responsible service – by that we mean the lives of all the Builders as well as the lives of those we serve. We have learned over the years that unless our project is truly sustainable and has long-term impact for good on the community, it does not have the life-changing effect on our Builders that we promise. For that, we do our part to research and prepare for each project. As we do our part to make the projects truly have an impact for good, then the real magic happens between the relationships built by the Builders and members of the community, as well as with each other. 

We hope to improve year after year as we constantly learn and understand more about the needs of the people we love. As humans, and as Christians, we believe that is all we can ask one another.