Experience Your Own Miracle as a Parent Builder

It’s not uncommon for parents to “worry about ruining the trip for their child” by going on the trip along with them. We totally get that, you want your child to have their own experience and an Humanitarian XP trip is the perfect opportunity.

But after twenty-one years of running trips, one thing that we have learned for sure is that the Builders can still have their own experiences even when their parent is the Parent Builder on the trip. And believe it or not, the Parent Builders also have their own life-changing experiences along the way. 

One Parent Builder said, “Honestly, it was one of the best experiences in my life and I hope I can go again next year with my younger daughter. I actually told my husband I would seriously consider just going as a parent without my own child if needed – I loved it that much!”

Your role as a Parent Builder is not just to be there for your child, but also to be there for the other 11 or 18 Builders on the trip. You will laugh with, serve with, learn from, and come to love all of the kids on your trip. Hear it yourself from one of our Builders: 

“Before the trip, I was struggling with my self worth sooo bad and seeing who I am in the Savior’s eyes. After I met [the Mom Builder] and felt the light of her testimony, I could feel my worth. She has such unique perspectives. She took the time to get to know every one of us on a deep and personal level. She strengthened my testimony more than she probably even knows!!”

Being a Parent Builder is truly unlike any other experience. Many of these Builders come from unique family backgrounds, are currently experiencing difficult trials, and have many questions pertaining to who they are and how to navigate this world. With Humanitarian XP, they find themselves in a group of 11 or 18 others, each just trying to find their way. You can be a great asset to them as you give advice, counsel, and most importantly, love to these Builders who can and will change your life and heart. 

Not only do you get to sit back and watch your own child develop and grow through this amazing opportunity, but they in turn get to see you helping their new best friends develop and grow in their very own way.