Domestic Waivers 2024

Each domestic location requires different waivers to be filled out before the trip departure. Some are digital and can be done fully online, and some will require you to print them off and bring them to the airport, so pay close attention to the instructions. None of the waivers need to be uploaded to the Builder Portal. 

We recommend that you print a copy of any of the waivers you complete and bring it with you on the trip. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Domestic Waivers

Please fill out the following THREE digital waivers:


1. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours (Ziplining) – LINK 

Follow the instructions below:

  • Click “Get Started”
  • Enter the DATE YOU ARE FILLING OUT THE WAIVER (today’s date) under “Please enter the date you booked for”
  • Select “Original Canopy Tour”
  • Select “8 am” as the time slot
  • Then fill out the rest of the waiver


2. Adventures on the Gorge (Rafting)


3. ACE Adventures – LINK

Follow the instructions below:

  • Click “Get Started”
  • Enter the date that you’ll be participating (see below)
    • Trip 1: Participates on June 6
    • Trip 2: Participates on June 13
    • Trip 3: Participates on June 20
    • Trip 4: Participates on June 27
    • Trip 5: Participates on July 4
    • Trip 6: Participates on July 11
    • Trip 7: Participates on July 18
    • Trip 8: Participates on July 25
    • Trip 9: Participates on August 1 
    • Trip 10: Participates on August 8 
  • Select “Waterpark,” then “Half Day Waterpark”
  • Enter your name, birthday, and gender. It will then ask “Where have you heard about us,” click “Word of Mouth.”
  • Enter your country, state, address, and emergency contact information. Then agree to the terms.
  • At this point, you should be registered in their system, but make sure to print out a physical copy of the waiver.

Please fill out the following TWO waivers. You’ll need to print them off and have your Builder bring them to the airport to give to their Trip Leaders.

  1. Texas Ramp Project 
  2. SPI Surf (kayaking/surfing)

No waivers need to be signed for this trip.