Dear 14, 15, and 16 year old Builders,

It’s your time now.

We know you guys have missed out on a lot of big things lately, and we know how ready you are to get back to living your life again. Last year, for the first time in Humanitarian Experience history, we opened up our 2021 Domestic Trips to YOU. We are excited to continue to grow our domestic trips for years to come! 

Explore each Domestic Trip and give some thought as to where feels right for you to serve. This year the pandemic hit a lot of people hard, and there are so many people who need your help to rebuild. Somebody, somewhere, is waiting anxiously for you.

Are you ready for your miracles to start?

Why Domestic Trips?

For the last year, we have been hearing from parents about how much they want their 14-, 15-, and 16-year-old child to have the kind of life-changing experience in a faith-based environment that many of them experienced as youth. We are so excited to offer Humanitarian Experience Domestic as a solution to that challenge.

Each Domestic Trip will include the three major elements of the Humanitarian XP methodology:

  1. the chance for youth to bond with nineteen peers in service and faith
  2. a digital detox that allows youth the spiritual space to consider the person they are becoming
  3. a male and female Trip Leader who can inspire and connect with youth

Far too often over the years, we have received feedback about how there are people in America who need us just as much as our friends overseas, and that has never been more true than in the year of this pandemic.


Yes. To do that, the 16-year-old Builder simply needs to sign into their Builder Portal (Humanitarian XP account) and click General Information > Check Availability of Other Trips. If there are trips you would like to switch to that are open, you are more than welcome to cancel your current reservation and reenter the waitlist. Our system will attempt to assign you a trip the following morning. 


Even though the cost of building, lodging, road tripping and eating in America is well above what it costs us to do these things in emerging countries, we were still able to price all of our Domestic Trips significantly less than most of the similar-style Church History tours currently available to youth. We’re confident these are going to be 10 of the most unforgettable days of your teenage career, and we’re so excited to give you the deets!