COVID-19 Contingency Plans

Dear Humanitarian XP Family,

With registration week coming up fast, we are excited to make THREE big announcements with regard to our 2022 Summer and the COVID-19 pandemic.

As often happens, this dark time has brought with it the opportunity for new miracles. One thing we’ve learned with Humanitarian XP is that when we step up to serve, God always seems to send us exactly where we’re most needed – sometimes even to the most unexpected places.

We think that’s what’s happening this year.

Announcement One

First, in spite of the current spike in COVID cases in some areas, we are still seeing a lot of optimistic signs that international travel is getting ready to open up again. You probably saw the Church’s announcement this week that they have again initiated limited and cautious missionary assignments outside countries of origin. This week we also saw stocks jump in cruise, airlines, and other travel-related companies, as well as an announcement of a vaccine candidate with a 90% efficacy rate. Finally, a number of airlines have begun boosting service again in anticipation of a rise in demand

In light of these positive indicators, Humanitarian XP is planning to run international trips to 39 global destinations in 2021.REGISTRATION WEEK FOR THESE TRIPS WILL BE DECEMBER 14-18. 

We are carefully monitoring the easing of restrictions in each location and planning service projects that address the new service needs of each area as a result of the pandemic. All of our plans are of course dependent on local conditions and air travel restrictions. The safety of our Builders and those they serve will remain our top priority. We will announce our 2021 international locations on Tuesday, November 17  at 8pm MST when our new website goes live.

Announcement Two

Since cancelling last year’s trips, we’ve heard a lot from Builders about the three Humanitarian XP elements they missed most: the hard, satisfying work of real service; becoming best friends with 19 strangers; and the digital-free time and space to grow their own testimonies of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.

With that in mind, we have also planned a back-up trip to domestic locations throughout the United States for every single international trip.

Therefore, in the event that your international destination again becomes impossible to visit, you will still be able to experience all the miracles and magic of an Humanitarian XP service trip. The reassignment decisions will be made in March, but we’ll keep you well informed before then about how things are unfolding. 

A little background on how this happened:
These domestic trips have come together in ways that felt miraculous in their own rights. This year, as a result of the global situation, there are people across America who need us as much as (or sometimes even more than) the people we normally serve in emerging countries.

As soon as we started reaching out, the stories of loss and worry were almost overwhelming. All throughout the country people have lost their homes, jobs, and sometimes even their families. We heard stories of lingering devastation as a result of the hurricanes that hit the South, of homeless kids who no longer have a shelter where they feel safe, of indigenous people who lost everything when the pandemic hit, and so many more just like these.

Often, when we would reach out with offers to help, our call was met with tears of relief from people who have long been praying for help. Suffice it to say that regardless of where you end up this summer, you’ll be doing construction projects that make lives safer, warmer, and better – and your service will be needed and well received.

Announcement Three

So here’s the biggest announcement of all – and you better brace yourselves.

If, as we anticipate, our international trips are able to run as planned and our backup trips are not needed as replacements, we will open up these domestic trips to youth ages 14-16 so that we can still help all the people who need us here at home. The reassignment decision will be made in March, but we’ll keep you well informed. Spread the word!   

This is the first time in Humanitarian XP history that we’ve had an opportunity for younger Builders to serve with us, and we just can’t wait to see what their page is going to  be in the story. More information will be sent out as the situation unfolds and we know more.

Mark Your Calendar, Tuesday (Nov. 24): 2021 international trips go live at 8pm MST along with our renovated website!

December 14-18: Registration week for 2021 International Trips! 

We love you all so much!