7 Gift Ideas for Teenage Travelers

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Christmas is just around the corner! If you have a teen in your life you know the struggle of trying to find the perfect gift for them. 

This generation of teenagers is all about the experience—they prefer the tactical, hands-on connections over things. If your teen is in the same boat, consider giving them a travel-themed Christmas! Here are a few fun gift ideas to help them get started on their goal of seeing the world. 

1. Their Humanitarian XP trip!

Print off the trip confirmation and put it in a cheap frame, then wrap it up along with a few other items relating to their country of choice. For other ideas on how to gift them a Humanitarian XP trip, click here. Let us know if you want to keep it a surprise! 

2. Luggage 

Luggage can make or break a traveling experience, especially if you’re switching hotels, taking public transportation, or taking a long trip. Lightweight rolling luggage is great for international travel and would make an awesome gift! A lightweight duffel bag is also an awesome gift idea so they can get the most out of their carry-on. 

3. A basket full of travel-size toiletries

You can put together a happy scream-inducing basket full of travel-sized stuff from the bins at Target or Walmart. It will trigger serious excitement. You might even throw in the old Dr. Seuss book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” to remind them of their wanderlust.

4. Packing cubes 

When it comes to getting ready for a trip, the #1 question people ask us is “What are your best packing tips?” Our office is full of travel experts, and anyone who works here would tell you that packing cubes are life-changing. They keep you organized, separate clean and dirty clothes, and save room in your suitcase, making packing so simple. 

5. Filtered water bottle 

A filtered water bottle is as perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel! The last thing you want is to get sick from unfiltered water or dehydration when you’re in another country, so having a filtered water bottle on hand will be key to a successful trip. 

6. Tevas or Chacos

EVERY teen who loves to travel needs a pair of Tevas or Chacos. They’re versatile, long-lasting, comfortable, and perfect for adventuring. You can’t go wrong here. 

7. A Journal 

Gifting any of the above items is great, but the reason they’re significant in the first place is that they’ll be used during an experience of a lifetime, wherever that might be. At Humanitarian XP, our method is built on the tried and tested mix of fun, service, and spirituality, and giving the gift of an HXP trip will change your loved one’s life. They’re going to want to take notes.