3 Touchpoints of a Humanitarian XP Trip

Humanitarian XP is much more than a cool opportunity to travel the world! Everyone involved is offered a chance to understand a new culture, to serve those around them, and to connect with their faith. At Humanitarian XP, we believe that each and each of those elements is essential to creating the right atmosphere within our trips. Builders return home with a new understanding of the world, a greater understanding of who they are, and a renewed sense of purpose. We love facilitating unbelievable experiences because we know our Builders are anything but ordinary.

So, why do we focus on making our expeditions all about cultural, philanthropic, and spiritual growth?


Exploring and understanding new cultures allows Builders to see their world in a different light. We’ve found that as they step outside of themselves and focus on connecting with people that come from very different backgrounds, they build a foundation of love and respect, and discover that they have more similarities than differences. As Builders learn to love, they develop a greater desire to serve.


The keystone of Humanitarian XP programs is the service opportunities. The chance to work hard and see how your efforts directly impact those around you is what drives the life changing perspective shift that we frequently refer to. At Humanitarian XP, we believe that one of the best ways to get closer to Christ is by modeling our lives after Him—this is why service is the driving force in everything we do. While serving on worksites, or serving refugees, Builders realize not only what they’ve been given, but how much they can give back. This knowledge comes with a lot of power and recognition of their divine worth and purpose on earth.


There’s nothing more important to us than making sure our Builders know how loved they are. Our Trip Leaders are trained to make every moment a chance to learn more about Jesus Christ and His Gospel, so Builders can strengthen their testimonies and strengthen their knowledge that they are children of God. As we’ve dedicated our lives to helping Builders for the last few decades, we have discovered something universal: the challenges our Builders face, at times, seem insurmountable, but Christ is always greater.

A Humanitarian XP trip is a unique opportunity for Builders to develop a love for culture, service, and spirituality, and to learn how to strengthen those aspects in the future. Because these are the pillars of our mission, each trip is created to be a good mixture of all of these elements.