2023 Impact Report

HXP's Global Impact

Dear Builders,

We did it. Summer 2023 has come and gone and thanks to you, it will go down in history. Our Youth Builders, Parent Builders, Trip Leaders, and parents at home showed up and banded together to serve others worldwide. Together, we embarked on a journey with one goal:

Discover our true identity— Children of God.

You were a part of something BIG this summer, and we want to show you just how big. To give you a glimpse of your impact, here’s how our numbers break down:

53 Trip Locations
31 Countries
435,040+ Hours of Construction
8,736+ Hours of Refugee Service
4,480+ Hours of English Tutoring
30 Schools Expanded
7 Medical Clinics Built
2 Nutrition Centers Built
1 Library Built
1 Computer Lab Built
1 Chicken Coop Built
Countless Miracles

As you reflect on your projects, from that first shovel full of dirt to the last brushstroke of paint, remember your impact was more than just the numbers and facts. You built not just structures, but life-changing relationships that created opportunities for others. Thanks to your service, your new friends now have access to greater education, families can connect in warm homes, community members enjoy improved health, and teenagers have enhanced English skills to pave the way for more advanced career opportunities. The ripple effects of your efforts are incomprehensible.

What’s next? The light you carry has changed lives, and we hope you continue to live a life of service and light. Thank you for serving this year, we cannot express enough the love and gratitude we feel for you. Your love and dedication have made a memorable mark on the world. YOU were our biggest miracle of 2023.

With love,

2023 Projects

Each local coordinator or trip’s partner has shared a bit about what each trip accomplished this summer. Think of it as a letter specifically to you; you are the ones who made it all possible. You will notice that most do not just mention the physical projects you built, they mention people. “You really [can] not measure the number of people, and families that you have blessed, and will be blessed in the future!!!” – Javier Valente Argentina Cordoba. Your impact is greater than you imagine.

Keep reading to review our 2023 trips by location need, project details, and final results. To learn more about how we pick our projects, check out our 360-degree rubric.


Home Repairs

“By volunteering with Appalachia Service Project (ASP), HXP participants were able to contribute to making homes warmer, safer, and dryer for 5 families in East Tennessee, over the course of their 9 weeks of service. HXP volunteers installed new foam insulation and vinyl siding, repaired floors, built ramps and porches, and most importantly, built relationships with ASP staff and the families they were serving. As our program continues to combat substandard housing in Appalachia, the contribution of time, resources, and hard work that HXP volunteers have made will be forever valued.” – Appalachia Service Project

Argentina Cordoba

Medical Clinic
argentina cordoba b

“We had the privilege of being able to help and build a workshop in a Conin center, where children from 0 to 6 years old with malnutrition are helped. What a blessing our builders were for this project!! You really [can] not measure the number of people, and families that you have blessed, and will be blessed in the future!!!

Not only were the people of Vaso de Leche blessed and will be blessed, but many more people were blessed, each place where [the HXP group] dined, their employees, the families that made their lunches, those who moved them from one place to another, the young people, families, and leaders of each neighborhood that they visited, the family of those who rented the house where they stayed, the staff that helped in the construction, the shops where they bought!!! In each place, with each person they were [with], they left a placeholder, someone with more light. My family, me!! We were so blessed!! We so enjoyed meeting you and being part of this wonderful experience!!

I remember a place we went to for dinner, [an employee at the venue] asked me what [these Builders] were doing [in Argentiana], and after telling him he said, “I’m really surprised by what they do!” It doesn’t surprise me!! They are amazing young people! They set aside the time of their vacations, their families, and their friends to come and serve another country. They are not ordinary young people, they are incredibly special youth who illuminate every place they are in, they are instruments in the hands of the Lord to bless and help others. They are wonderful!! [To the Builders,] I love every moment shared with you and I treasure you in my heart. Thanks for helping me and teaching me. Thank you for making this place a little better.” – Javier Valente

Argentina Patagonia

Classroom Construction

“Our pleasant and great experience together with the HXP Youth in Posadas Misiones Argentina has been meaningful in several aspects. From the physical part, the expansion of the school building not only expands and provides comfort and a greater possibility of developing activities for the 50 students and their families which are already included, but also the opportunity for other children and young people with disabilities to access the service provided by our foundation, practically doubling the therapeutic educational community. 

From the cultural side, we have shared diverse experiences that range from food and customs. In music classes, we share our songs in both languages. We have celebrated our national holidays, including the 4th of July, in a different way, putting together colors of our flags. From the emotional and spiritual point of view, the experience has been so strong, both in the young people, in our students, and all the working staff including the construction workers. They have felt love, have been infinitely blessed, and gratitude has flowed with tears from their hearts.

The moment was difficult in each farewell and just as [each HXP Builder, Parent Builder, and Trip Leader] left part of their life here, they took part of ours with them. Words are not enough to thank what has been lived and received as a blessing.” – Bruno Lefalle

Belize Belmopan

Classroom Construction
Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 11.58.47 AM
Belmopan Cropped

“HXP 2023 built two classrooms for Our Lady of Fatima R.C. School. Normally, here in Belize, the community is the one that helps raise funds to provide for the needs of the school. Building two classrooms complete with windows, doors, and interior & exterior painting, was way beyond their reach. It came as a blessing from heaven for them to be chosen to be the recipients of a 2-classroom building. This school was chosen because of its dilapidated buildings and its limited resources. There were a few classrooms that flooded during the rainy season (approx. 7 months/year). During these times, the children had to be evacuated and placed in temporary places. At the beginning of September, approximately 50 to 60 students started their new year in a brand-new and secure place. Our Lady of Fatima R.C. School is wholeheartedly grateful for this blessing. We express our appreciation to HXP for their unselfish donation and hard work to our little Belize. May the Lord bless you always for your kindness.” – Nefi

Belize Cayo

Classroom Construction

On our Belize Cayo trip, HXP Builders constructed two additional classrooms for an overcrowded primary school. In Belize, only 45 percent of secondary school-aged children attend school. Of that group, only 60 percent complete school within the standard K-12 timeline. Because of slow completion and high dropout rates, many people struggle to transition into the labor market. While many privately-run schools in urban areas have better support and resources for their students, public schools in rural communities have lower attendance, completion, and performance rates. 

Previously, the school housed two classrooms that were divided into four learning spaces. These spaces were much too small to accommodate the number of children that attended. The addition of the new classrooms will help decrease student-teacher ratios, create a space for students to gather during and outside of school hours, and improve the quality of education for current and future students.

Blue Ridge Mountains

HOME repairs

“The Humanitarian Experience 2023 Builders’ weekly summer presence was electrifying. The youth, parents, and leaders were dedicated and enthusiastically willing to do what it took to express thanks to those who needed caring help in the rural mountains of depressed West Virginia. The work included constructing wheelchair ramps, replacing decayed porches of old coal camp houses, constructing new homes for families in desperate need of habitable housing, and repairing old bathrooms that were unusable by elderly and disabled adults. 

The area’s need is overwhelming. The opportunity to make a difference was a reality. The memories are unforgettable. The location was a perfect space for reflection on one’s purpose in life. The HXP presence was a blessing. Thank you! You are welcome to return anytime to “Always Heaven West Virginia” and our hope for that to happen springs eternal.” – John David from S.A.L.S.

Bolivia Amazon

Library Construction

“In the rural district of “La Guardia”, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we proudly completed the construction of a library for a school that serves over 700 students. With the foresight of its benefits, this facility is set to empower thousands more in the generations to come.

Adhering diligently to the set timelines, the HXP builders showcased exceptional craftsmanship and dedication, turning a community’s dream into reality. Their involvement was pivotal in ensuring that, unlike many urban schools, this school in La Guardia can provide its students with a valuable resource hub. Such a library not only supports academic tasks like homework but also kindles a passion for reading and learning about the vast world beyond.

We are profoundly thankful to the HXP builders for choosing to serve our community. Their visit was more than a construction project; it was an inspiring collaboration that bonded them with our local youth, intertwining joy, work, and shared aspirations.” – Claudia Tovar

Brazil Recife

Classroom Construction

This summer, HXP Builders expanded the Dr. Augusto Lucena Municipal School in Recife, Brazil. 

“Due to the overcrowding of the school, which currently has 350 students and only had space for 240,  it was necessary [for students] to rotate between classes, only studying every other day. This expansion resolved this problem, as two rooms were built with the capacity to receive 110 students, meeting and solving the rotation problem. This HXP project will transform lives by giving young [students] the opportunity to have a dignified learning environment. This project shows beneficiaries the importance of citizenship work through donation and dedication to people most in need, thus transforming lives through exchange. The interaction of [the HXP Builders] and the community residents was important for the project to be carried out. Constant interactions and friendships meant that the stay of the [Builders] at HXP had unique and happy moments.” – George

Brazil Santarem

Medical Clinic Construction

This summer, HXP Builders constructed three rooms at the Social Assistance Reference Center in Santarém, Brazil.

“This project was of great importance because it was a municipal government agency that had not been renovated or expanded in rooms for 10 years, but more specifically it had repercussions for serving many families in need. The impact that this project will have in the future will be very strong, as the 3 rooms built will greatly contribute to social assistance services for thousands of needy people and families in 13 neighborhoods of the city and more than 100 rural communities. It was noticed that all entities involved were satisfied with the completion of the project, both the community, the Government, employees, families, and visitors to CRAS. It was a project executed with excellence and relevant results.

The 2023 project was one of the best. Everyone had work and all the [Builders] worked hard. All trip leaders did a great job of leadership and committed to the quality of the work, the safety, and satisfaction of each of the [Builders]. The 10 parents contributed a lot with their experience in the 5 groups. The cultural, recreational, and Church activities were wonderful, the visits with the missionaries and other leaders were incredible, very spiritual, and helped young people, converts, and less active members. It really was a year of miracles!” – MarciClay


Classroom Construction

“First of all, I would like to thank our builders and their leaders very much for spending their time, energy, and financial means to build the wonderful Saray Andeth Elementary School two classrooms in Kauk Khpos Village, Roung Chrey Commune, Thmo Kol District, Battambang province. Those two classrooms are not just a blessing to students but to the whole community.

Those two classrooms are such a need to students and the community as a whole because they provide additional classrooms to accommodate the growing number of students. The existing school building is too old. It is about to crumble at any time soon. The two classrooms that our builders built are not just providing for students to learn but also providing them safety. The two classrooms that have already been built are like the ensign to this village. It has continued to talk, it continues to talk, and it will continue to talk by many students, parents, and community leaders. It is a great blessing to them forever.

Finally, and once again, our builders are so great in the sight of our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. They have been prepared well both physically and spiritually. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to join devotional with them from time to time. I can see their spirituality grow strongly. They set a wonderful example for me. They love Cambodian students very much. They took time aside from their work to play with the kids. I love our builders very much.” – Sophornn Chain

Cape Verde Azores

Medical Clinic Construction

“Our project was the construction of a Health Center in the São Martinho area. This project was necessary as the nearest hospital is about 9 km away. In addition to the distance, the Hospital da Praia is always very crowded with very long waiting lines. With the construction of this health center, all basic health care will be available to the population in a matter of minutes, without long queues, and even more importantly, they will have a resident nurse which means that emergencies can be attended to at night which can save many lives.

This project has been an important demand from the population for many years and everyone is very happy with its materialization. Throughout the work they have shown their gratitude, recognizing the importance of this work. Another thing that had a big impact and generated a lot of surprise was the fact that the [HXP Builders] were working and being so committed and carrying out the work even faster than local workers. The project is around 90% complete with only the finishing touches remaining.” – Evandro

Cape Verde Lisbon

Classroom Construction

“Hello, my name is Kevin, I was the local coordinator of the project in Salineiro. Seeing the [HXP Builders] working with all this vigor made me think about what King Benjamin taught his people. [The Builders] were serving the people and perhaps they will never be able to see the impact that this construction will have on the lives of many children, their parents, and even the country. They may have built a physical building, but what they really built was love, and hope brought from far away to an unknown but never forgotten people. Think of the thousands of lives that will be improved with this beautiful gesture. However, what impressed me most is that I never, ever heard a tear fall because the work was hard, rain or shine, they were always there. Thank you very much for the burning flame you left, for the legacy that will never be forgotten. And finally, they made me return to my origins, they reminded me of my childhood and how beautiful it was. Thinking that more children will have a school year in a worthy place is the greatest satisfaction of all. A big hug.” – Kevin

Chile Patagonia

Classroom Construction

“I knew the small preschool needed immediate help due to the instability of its facilities. Previously, the school could barely serve 8 children, they can now reach 40. Thank you for the dedication and the experience from HXP.

It was beautiful to see the changes from the first day until the last day, the efforts of the construction leaders, the wisdom of the parents, and the experience of the trip leaders. But what impacted me the most was how these pure youth gave their all to change the reality of the kids at this school. I saw that the source of their energy was the internal love that they had, the service transformed into light that radiated to the teachers of the school, the children, the community, and to the neighbors. The greatest impact was made in every ward we visited, not only to the youth of those wards but even to the adult members. As an outcome, there have been members (youth and adults) who have made the decision to become active again, and as such have a better relationship with Jesus Christ. His light made it to a family who got baptized because their son spent time with a group of youth, and now we are helping them work to become an eternal family.

My plea now is that the same impact that you made in [Chile] occurs in your personal lives. With all of my heart I wish every youth and leader that they fight for this personal transformation. Finally, I feel infinitely grateful because this also changed my perspective and refocused me. We built a better preschool, but the marvelous things that we built were friendship, greater self-esteem, and a better version of ourselves. Thank you.” – Humberto Fernandez

Colombia Cartagena

Classroom Construction

“[Our project was the] construction of 3 classrooms, 2 bathrooms, and recovery and maintenance of the sports field. These new classrooms were necessary so that each course or level had its own space, the bathrooms were very important and necessary since Manzanillo del Mar does not have sewage and this made it a little more laborious since it was necessary to make a septic tank. The sports field was in advanced deterioration and was not in optimal conditions for use. The students of the Manzanillo del Mar Educational Institution will benefit from these new classrooms to be able to enjoy their own space and more comfort as well as having bathrooms at their service. The field was left as new and in condition to be used, play sports, and for student recreation.

HXP Builders, all these benefits that the students of the institution will have are thanks to you young people, you have worked and provided your service to this community that has benefited from you, in addition to the love and attention that you always gave to the children. They will never forget that a group of enthusiastic young people came to their community to help them. I admire you, you are very special young people with immensely big hearts to serve others, you left your marks in Cartagena Colombia.” – Shirley Camargo

Costa Rica Pura Vida

Classroom Construction

On our Costa Rica Pura Vida trip, HXP Builders constructed a 3-roomed school building for those students with special needs as well as a space where music and art lessons will be taught. Due to its relatively low crime rates and more stable government, Costa Rica is an asylum for many Latin American refugees. The addition of these displaced people increases economic and political pressure on the Costa Rican government and society. With a myriad of problems to address, the importance of educational progress has been a lower priority compared to other in-country issues. One specific major issue that Costa Rica faces is early childhood education due to a lack of facility resources in the mountainous rural areas of the country.

The school that we helped expand has about 300 students attending each day. They only had 8 classrooms, leaving very little room for students in each classroom. They are the only school in the local area that offers special education for students with learning disabilities and previously did not have classrooms for those students with special needs.

Costa Rica San Jose

Medical Clinic Construction

On our Costa Rica San Jose trip, HXP Builders constructed additional rooms for an assisted living facility. Recently, Costa Rica has experienced a larger burden on their health care systems as the demographic transitions towards a larger and older population. Palliative care has therefore become crucial in maintaining the good health of the senior citizen population in this beautiful country. Unfortunately, with a rise in the number of people who require this care, assisted living and medical facilities have no room to house the increasing number of patients.

The facility that we helped expand has doctors, nurses, and nursing assistants to care for their elderly patients. They previously had 70 full-time residents. With the new rooms, they can now house 12 additional residents. That is 12 more people who now have access to better medical care. Now, 84 individuals have access to a healthy and strong lifestyle as they are growing old.

Dominican Republic La Cienaga

Classroom Construction

On our Dominican Republic La Cienaga trip, HXP Builders constructed four additional classrooms for an overcrowded school for children in 1st-6th grade. In the Dominican Republic, over 40% of the country lives below the poverty line, making it difficult for many children to attend school due to the cost of education and healthcare. Around the country, 75% of students complete up to fourth grade, but only 52% complete a full 8 years of elementary school. The poorest population of the Dominican Republic becomes trapped in an ongoing cycle of poverty.

The classrooms we helped build will cut the number of students per classroom in half, and improve the quality of education by allowing more attention between teachers and students. It will allow teachers to focus their efforts on more specific levels of education, rather than teaching broadly to students from 1st-6th grade in the same classroom. Children will get a better education and opportunities for the future.

Dominican Republic Tamboril

Classroom Construction

On our Dominican Republic Tamboril trip, HXP Builders constructed 2 additional classrooms as well as an office for an overcrowded school. In the Dominican Republic, 75 percent of students complete up to 4th grade and only 52 percent complete a full 8 years of elementary school. Students who complete high school in the D.R. commonly enter university at a 6th-grade reading level.

In Tamboril, we served at a unique school that uses music to educate its students. The school’s goal is to help children have the desire to come to school and learn by developing their musical talents. The school needs extra classrooms to be able to accommodate its increasing number of students. Building these extra classrooms has cut the number of students in each class in half. These classrooms will now allow the school to distribute student rosters more evenly and improve the teacher-to-student ratios. This change will increase the quality of education for Dominican children in Tamboril.

Ecuador Cotopaxi

Classroom Construction

“Groups 1, 2, and 3, achieved their goals of excavation, foundation, bases for flooring, and columns. [Groups] 4 and 5 [worked on the] walls and plaster. This project has been important … for the community. The project will have a great impact on the institution. Apart from the fact that it will give more places for the community to gather, the courses to be followed can be expanded. Due to the great example of the builders of HXP, they marked the desire for service in some children of the institution.

The [Builders] of HXP 2023 should know that they have left their mark on the project. A mark of sweat, joy, and even blood in order to achieve their goals. That will forever mark the people who directly and indirectly have worked together with the project.” – Fernando Ramirez

Ecuador Cuenca

Classroom Construction

“We built a classroom for kids with autism and two sanitary bathrooms for people with physical disabilities. Unfortunately, the educational system in our country doesn’t have the funds to invest in the education of the kids here. The school that we helped is a small school in a state that has spent a long time asking for classrooms for kids with autism. These kids can’t be in areas with lots of people, and they need a more individualized education. In regards to the sanitary bathrooms, there haven’t ever been enough for the amount of students in the school. This project is going to bless the students of this school and also all of the kids that need a special education. They don’t have the physical space elsewhere for them. I’m so grateful for each one of the builders that have come to participate in these projects through HXP, as well as those who will come. I want them to know that each one of their efforts in coming here bring blessings and miracles in the lives of each and every person they serve, as well as every architectural coordinator, workmen, cooks, etc. To be able to get to know you and spend time with you has taught us valuable lessons of life. We love you!” – Tamara Arciniegas

Fiji Nadi

Classroom Construction

“[The village of] Vunayasi asked for classrooms to be built because the number of children kept increasing and there was not enough room for any [additional students]. The school had to vacant one of the teachers’ prep rooms so that they could use [the space] for a classroom. As soon as we [finished the project], they moved right in and now use it to study. I’m forever grateful for the builders who helped in building these 2 classrooms for the children of Vunayasi. It will be a great help for the villagers to bring their children [to a nearby school] and not travel far. They will always remember who built it for them, it’s written in bold letters in front of the school.” – Tess

Fiji Taveuni

Classroom Construction

“[Our Humanitarian Experience] project was a three-roomed concrete building that the builders helped us to build. The building was divided into five phases and all five groups completed their phase on time. The school had been wanting to move from a Primary to an Intermediate school. These additional classrooms will make this possible. The impact it has on the future of this community, this island, and this land of Fiji will be insurmountable. Out of these projects will come future leaders of Fiji. Education happens to be the key.” – Sonny Maiwiriwiri

Ghana Accra

Computer Lab Construction

“In 2022 it was just in my imagination that the computer laboratory could be constructed for Asutuare Junction DA. Part of me knew that if HXP got involved we could help construct the computer Laboratory. School authorities kept texting and asking if it would be possible, it was a great relief for the school authorities, students, and the entire community when the project was completed. For the community, it felt like the impossible had been possible. Five stars to all the builders who made it possible. Your great service is going to serve numerous children and the entire community.” – Ebenezer

Ghana Cape Coast

Classroom Construction
Ghana CC asfter

“Builders transforming lives; from ruins to renewal, with drips of love.

In the heart of this past summer, the HXP Ghana Cape Coast groups were united under a shared purpose – to transform lives through the power of creation. What they accomplished transcended the boundaries of brick and mortar, weaving together a narrative of dedication, love, and transformation. This impact report seeks to show the significance of their accomplishment, a journey that ended in the construction of a 2-classroom block with an attached office. These new classrooms will forever serve as a sanctuary of learning for children aged 4 to 6, impacting the lives of approximately 80 young minds each year. The story begins with an act of courage. The Builders in the first group looked beyond the death trap classrooms that had served as a perilous learning environment for children. With dedication, they demolished the remnants of danger and planted the seeds of hope. Ground was broken, and the journey to create a haven of learning began. The Builders, driven by a deep wellspring of compassion, poured their love and hard work into every brick, laying the foundation not just for a physical structure, but for a brighter future. The massive drips of love they infused into each task tell a story of commitment. As the last group of Builders neared the completion of the classroom block, a melody of achievement filled the air. In just 10 weeks, their dedication turned blueprints into reality. The classrooms were ready to be handed over to a community eager to embrace their new safe haven of learning.

The joy and appreciation that radiated from the people of the Adubiase community reflected the importance of the project. Every clap, every smile, and every dance step were a testament to the lasting impact that had been woven into the fabric of their lives. The essence of the project’s importance extends far beyond the physical structure. Every brick, every touch, and every smile bestowed upon this endeavor carries an immeasurable weight. The impact of the Builders’ service will not be forgotten. It will echo through the lives of the children who learn, the families who thrive, and the community that prospers. As I conclude this report, I reflect on the powerful truth that resonates throughout. The Builders’ legacy transcends time and place. Their service embodies the sentiment that “every act of kindness creates an endless ripple.” While the names and faces of the Builders may someday fade from the people’s memory, the echoes of their touch, their hold, and their smiles will forever vibrate in the hearts of the children and people of Adubiase.” – Cornelius

Guatemala Quetzaltenango

Classroom Construction

On our Guatemala Quetzaltenango trip, HXP Builders constructed 2 more classrooms in a small community school. In Guatemala, only 74.5% of the population aged 15 and older is literate—the lowest literacy rate in Central America. Additionally, Guatemala’s spending on education is among the lowest in the world and is significantly underfunded. Many classrooms do not meet minimum standards for classroom space, teaching materials, classroom equipment and furniture, and water or sanitation.

In Quetzaltenango, we helped fulfill the educational needs of a local school. The community school only had 2 classrooms for 162 students, but we constructed two more classrooms to cut the number of students in each class in half. Cutting classroom size in half will allow teachers to spend more time with individual students, helping them to progress in their education. This is vital in breaking the cycle of poverty, as educated Guatemalans make 80% more money every year. These extra classrooms will also be used for parent-teacher conferences, school assemblies, and other extracurricular activities.

Guatemala Xela

Medical Clinic Construction

On our Guatemala Xela trip, HXP Builders constructed a large healthcare clinic. Although Guatemala’s government has made improvements to health services and systems, rural populations still struggle to access basic aid. In 2018, the probability of death for children under five years old was 26 out of 1000—10 times more likely than that of the United States. This disparity is even greater among indigenous rural communities with families of Mayan descent. The World Bank estimates that basic health and nutrition services meet only 54 percent of the needs of the rural population in Guatemala. This is typically due to a lack of access to a health facility. 

Previously, the clinic we helped construct ran out of rented rooms within the community. These rooms were small and the clinic was unable to remodel, which made it difficult to provide quality care to these patients. The newly constructed clinic will provide free healthcare to patients from the surrounding villages and anticipates providing care for about 2,000 patients per year.


Classroom Construction

“HXP team’s dedicated volunteers undertook the monumental task of constructing a brand-new primary school from the ground up. This involved the creation of classrooms, bathroom facilities, and a playground, ensuring that the school now boasts all the necessary amenities to provide a high-quality education to the children in the community.

This project was of utmost importance as it addressed a critical need in the community. The previous school building was in a state of disrepair, with inadequate infrastructure and facilities. The new school not only provides a safe and conducive learning environment but also symbolizes our commitment to investing in the education and future of the children.

The enduring impact of this project will reverberate through generations. With the new primary school in place, children who had stopped attending school after the previous building’s demolition will once again have the opportunity to receive a quality education. This, in turn, will empower them to build brighter futures for themselves and their community. Beyond the immediate educational benefits, this project has uplifted the overall morale and aspirations of the community, fostering a sense of hope and possibility.

I want to express my profound gratitude to the HXP 2023 Builders for their unwavering dedication and hard work. Their commitment to making a positive impact is evident in the successful completion of this project. The new primary school stands as a testament to their efforts and the positive change they bring to communities.” – Raj


English Instruction

“The HXP groups went … where approximately twenty-five Japanese students were studying English and helped them learn English by attending several classes with them and assisting them with their pronunciation and reading comprehension. They had activities together such as family home evenings, Sunday meetings, talent shows, etc. They ate meals together, cooked and cleaned dishes together, played sports together, and mingled and exchanged friendships with the Japanese natives. The experiences for those involved were extremely positive and were more than successful in terms of the service rendered by the HXP participants. They succeeded in more than what we had expected at the first planning meeting. [The school] appreciated all the wonderful exchanges with the HXP and the service they have rendered for the youth in Japan. We hope to continue to support each other to have an even better and greater impact and influence on the students and participants.” – Masakazu Watabe


Summit Trip

The impact made on the Jerusalem trip looks a little different than our other trips around the world. Instead of building or teaching, youth were trained to become leaders. They learned to faithfully ask difficult questions about the ongoing Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, world history, and current world conflicts. On our Summit Jerusalem trip, Builders visited sites important to the Savior’s life, including Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Jordan River, Calvary, and the Garden Tomb, among others. At each location, Builders learned the context of the stories that took place there. They worshiped with their Jewish brothers and sisters at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site. They learned how to herd sheep, press olives, and pull water from wells and cisterns. The Jerusalem Summit trips were an opportunity to connect with God, oneself, and peers of other cultures. Through encountering new cultures, visiting historical sites, and diving deeply into the scriptures, Builders learned how to courageously face the unknown. Builders returned home with the tools to strengthen the foundations of their faith, as well as help their family and peers do the same.


Refugee Service

On our Jordan trip, HXP Builders renovated a church center focused on helping refugees learn critical life skills for independence, and teach children basic skills and education, to help them adapt while in this new country. Conflict throughout the world has led to a “refugee crisis” in the Middle East. In addition to Iraqi refugees, Syrians, Sudanese, and Egyptians come to Jordan. Currently, there are about 70,000 Iraqi refugees in Jordan, 80% of which are in the capital Amman. Refugees are meant to reside in Jordan for no longer than six months before being resettled by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), but in reality, many refugees have lived in Jordan for years–sometimes decades.

From the renovated classrooms in the center, more refugee youth will be able to receive an education, while their parents learn trade skills to help them find jobs. You will transform the center’s capacity to service refugees. In addition, you will provide activities and English classes for the refugees. Through these efforts, builders played a significant role in the effort to successfully integrate hundreds of thousands of refugees into a new country and culture, helping them to feel accepted and safe in their new homes.

Kenya Kisumu

Classroom Construction

“My project was to build two classrooms and a six-door pit latrine for Okok Primary School in Kisumu, Kenya. The project was very important as it tackled a need for classrooms and proper sanitation for the children in the village primary school. The presence of the HXP builders who most were young people gave the hope to keep on keeping on. The HXP builders were a great example of discipleship. [They] gave all of us hope of a better tomorrow. Their goodness has touched hearts in the whole community and the school expects better enrolment come next term as they have two new classrooms and a better sanitation. I have been honored to work with all the five teams and my testimony of selflessness has never been stronger. Thank you for being selfless and outstanding.” – George

Kenya Nairobi

Classroom Construction

“This year’s (2023) project was the construction of two classes and six toilets for a school. The school has a population of five thousand and three hundred kids currently. [The school] has had kids sit down on the floor at some points due to lack of space in the already congested classrooms. The project was very important in the lives of those kids since it gave them a chance to have some space they never had before due to the congestion that was experienced before the actual construction of HXP’s classes.

The previously existing toilets were all in dilapidated conditions, very old, and out of function for the kids. Thanks to the HXP builders, the school has six new toilets that are currently serving their purpose at hand. They have gone a long way to touch the lives of young learners in school. The impact that this year’s project will have in the future is that all the kids who will school here or join under new enrollment will have some usable, clean, and friendly toilets that will motivate the learning environment throughout the lives of the young learners.

I personally, as the local coordinator, would wish to thank all the builders who took part in committing their time and resources to make this a success in a great way. Your efforts have gone a long way and shall remain in the hearts of the teachers and the young learners that you blessed while rendering your services here in Kenya. You all left a legacy that shall be spoken of for a very long time, from when the first group did the start up to the last group that did the finishing up. To quote the words of the school principal, Mrs. Musyoki, with exactness, ‘May God bless you so much for the greater miracles that you brought along with you into our school from when you stepped in.’ ” – Frida

Lone Star

Home Repairs

On our Lone Star trip, HXP Builders constructed ramps for those in need, in partnership with the Texas Ramp Project (TRP). Over the years, the cities along the Texas-Mexico border have lacked access to necessary resources. This has resulted in an extreme poverty rate of up to 36.85%, compared to the national average of 11.8%. The Texas Ramp Project (TRP) is a non-profit organization that provides accessible wheelchair ramps to those with disabilities who cannot afford them. Across the state, and especially in the McAllen Region, TRP receives more requests for ramps than they can build.

The recipients currently face steep steps and unsafe ramps that hinder their ability to leave. HXP Builders helped TRP reach many clients in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. With the new ramps, these individuals will have a reliable and safe way to enter and exit their homes. This helps them gain independence and overall improve their quality of life.

Malawi Blantyre

Classroom Construction

“For this year’s Malawi Blantyre project, HXP built a two-classroom block. HXP builders were able to construct the two-classroom block within the set timeframe. This year’s project was needed at this school because children in grades 3 and 4 were learning under the tree. The project was set to improve an unconducive environment for primary school learners. Now learners are provided with a conducive environment.

The HXP 2023 project has impacted Chigwaja Primary School in several ways. Learners will have more time in class as they will not have to be sent home or abandon classes due to harsh weather. Also, there will be an increase of enrollment for grades 3 and 4 respectively. Before a lot of learners had to take transfers upon being promoted to [third grade] because they did not like the idea of learning outside. The new classroom block will also act as an incentive for learners. [Students] will be learning in a conducive environment thereby improving the pass rate at national exams in the coming years. Also, the face of the school has improved tremendously.

To my Friends, HXP 2023 builders! I am ever thankful for this special opportunity to be part of a great cause of change! My gratitude is ever flowing because of your selfless love for the children of Chigwaja and Blantyre district youths. You are a true embodiment of Christ’s love! May God bless all! Ndimakukondani, Zikomo. (I love you, thank you.)”  – Yamikani

Malawi Lilongwe

Refugee service

“HXP 2023 Lilongwe trip was amazing and incredible. Our project was about construction. The builders managed to help [build] a chicken coop for Ubuntu, an organization at the refugee camp that helps and feeds a number of refugee children that attend school at Ubuntu. This project is very important because it’ll help In the aspect of food sustainability for the kids at this school. It’s a project that brings hope and reassurance to the people for them to know that they’re loved just like any other person. It’s a project that reflects a definition of pure love. The impact of this project In the future is that many people will be able to get food since life is so hard in the refugee camp. Others will get jobs working in there to take care of the chickens.

I personally would like to let my HXP 2023 builders [know] that I love them so much. Working with them this year in this project has taught me more about selfless service and about the love of Christ. They worked so hard on the worksite and gave it their all. They never complained. Just the thought of them leaving behind the things they love the most and coming to serve for the time here is an inspiration and motivation to me. Indeed we are one big family and we are God’s children. I love my builders and I wouldn’t trade the time I had with them for anything!” – Clifford

Mozambique Maputo

Classroom Construction

“In 2023, the project consisted of the construction of 2 classrooms at ta primary school. The school has 6,000 students, some of whom study [and are taught outside]. The consequences of studying under the trees are poor quality of teaching due to the high level of disturbance with the lack of an adequate learning environment, absence of classes on days of climate change (Rain, excessive heat, windy weather), vulnerability and exposure to infectious/tropical diseases such as malaria and others as students have direct contact with the land, and deterioration of study material (notebooks, books, etc.).

This project was important as it created a new dynamic in the quality of education, preserving the health of more than 800 children who could be dying from tropical diseases I am very grateful to the builders of HXP as they once again served as agents of change in the community and their work will benefit many generations. Another impact is the reduction of poverty as quality education creates an environment to acquire knowledge that contributes to social and human development. Many people are grateful because it would be difficult to have a work like that. It was something unique and of great value that in a way contributed to the vision of the local government as well as the goals of the World Bank, which consist of the narrative of developing today’s man so that he can be a combat tool. to poverty in their community.” – Tualufo

Mozambique Matola

Classroom Construction

“Greetings to HXP Friends and Supporters! It has been a blessing to see each of you change lives in my country through the service projects you do.  In the summer of 2023, our project was to build 2 classrooms with Builders. It is very common to have children studying under trees and sitting on the ground having direct contact with the sand.  The consequences of having classes outdoors under trees are low educational achievement; [limited class time] due to rain, intense sun, and strong windy days; and children’s health is compromised. The lack of sufficient classrooms means that children have to walk several km, between 4 and 7 km, to find the nearest schools. That’s why every project here is a blessing!

 This year, at the primary school, we had six classes, more than 600 children, under the trees. At the end of the HXP project, ALL children are studying in classrooms.  The new rooms will boost students’ pedagogical achievement and improve school management. The greatest gratitude goes to each of the Builders for the sacrifices made to allow the children of Mozambique to have classrooms.” – Yours sincerely, Raimundo Mavile


Medical Clinic Construction

“This project was to build a community clinic center to help [those in need to] have affordable healthcare and also to support leprosy-affected people who are under the poverty level in this area. HXP Builders helped to construct more than 70% of the work. This is a huge accomplishment within a short period. 

This project was necessary to provide basic health services to the local society, provide regular health campaigns, and [provide] awareness programs to individuals who are illiterate. The following are the future impacts of the project: it will improve the performance of health services in the area, save time and money for poor families, and be the educational building for illiterate people about health and hygiene. It will support long-term health services as the building is made of strong concrete and is earthquake-resistant.” – Rajesh

Outer Banks

Home Repairs

On our Outer Banks trip, we worked on home repairs to provide housing for families. In 2019, North Carolina’s poverty rate was 13.6 percent, meaning 1.4 million people live in poverty without adequate or affordable housing options. In rural areas, this problem is even worse, with one in five children reported to be living at or below the poverty line. In the last 20 years, a radical demographic transformation has occurred in certain areas of North Carolina. The boom of recreational development and gated communities created an influx of wealthy, part-time residents. This has driven the cost of real estate up so high that most middle- and low-income families can no longer afford it, forcing many to relocate to mobile homes.

HXP Builders worked in partnership with Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry(WARM). WARM specializes in safety-related repairs for low-income homeowners. Builders worked on home repairs, hurricane recovery, and accessibility upgrades to provide safe, secure housing for families. On Fridays, they helped in the community by working on local farms. Many children in the country don’t have enough food for a healthy and active life, and these farms provide over 12,000 pounds of food each year to give to those in need.


Refugee Service

In Palmyra, HXP builders both built their testimonies and worked with local refugees to rebuild and renovate structures for safe shelter. Each group spent hours working on home repairs for refugees in need, providing them with opportunities for growth and opportunities to come. They also built spiritual foundations and testimonies that will last them for years. Builders took a leadership tour by learning more about where the Restoration of the Gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began. They experienced the roots of their faith in Palmyra and explored sites such as the Hill Cumorah and Sacred Grove. They also experienced Kirtland, as well as the location where the Priesthood was restored.

Returning home from Saints Summit, builders are equipped with the tools to better understand the process of the Restoration. You will have a renewed testimony of the early prophets and a stronger connection with God. You will be able to answer your questions and others’ questions about the Restoration and the Church. Summit Saints is only the beginning of your faith journey.

Panama Bella Vista

Medical Clinic Construction

On our Panama Bella Vista trip, HXP Builders constructed an additional room for a medical facility. Panama acts as the dividing line between Central and South America. Famous for the Panama Canal, its economy relies heavily on global trade. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted Panama as international trade and travel drastically decreased. Limited use of the canal has stunted economic growth leaving many individuals without a consistent source of revenue. In 2017, the top 20 percent of the country generated 54.2 percent of income. This growing difference makes the expansion of overcrowded healthcare facilities very difficult.

With the new building constructed by our Builders, this healthcare clinic will be able to house more patients than it could before. Thus giving more locals access to a healthier lifestyle.


Classroom Construction

“Hello HXP 2023. This year we were working in the city of Lambare, Paraguay at the AVA MBA.E school. Our project was to build three [additional] classrooms for preschool children. Fortunately, we achieved our goal thanks to the efforts of all the groups. I am sure that all the youth who went through this experience acquired a life experience that they will never forget. In serving this community we always saw the hand of God among the groups. A group of young people who didn’t even know each other were working as if they had been friends all their lives. Also, we learned about the importance of serving a mission and I am sure that 90% of these youth will be missionaries in due time. The project itself was very important because it is a school that could not take students in its initial stage. They had to reject them due to a lack of classrooms. From now on, approximately 150 children will be able to start their first school years. The impact [these additional classrooms] will have on the community and in the future is that parents will be able to bring their young children [to school] without having to emigrate to other places far from their homes. Because most families have several children of school age and bring [them] one by one to [various schools]. This is very stressful for parents. My wife and I are very grateful to all the leaders and especially to the parents for their willingness, energy, and especially their patience with the youth. IT IS NOT EASY TO HAVE 19 CHILDREN. Thank you for your effort, we love you all very much.” – Emilio Avalos

Peru Iquitos

Classroom Construction

“We are so thankful for the construction of this project. Iquitos, Peru has a variable climate where the heat, the rain, or the mud impede accomplishing the purpose for which you all came with this special love of serving your fellow man and the children here. This project will help almost 80 kids who won’t have to travel so far by themselves. Now they will have a school closer to their parents and they will be more at ease and be able to work.

The best memory will always be that the youth from HXP shared their love, their talent, and built a place where the kids can start the learning process in their first years. They will be eternally grateful. Many of the youth of the church [here in Iquitos] have improved their attitude because they have felt the spirit of love from you all. You have strengthened my testimony and will forever be in my heart and the heart of my family.” – A big hug from Luis Sierra

Peru Lima

Classroom Construction

“The project [here in Lima] was the construction of 3 classrooms and an environment for bathrooms of an initial school located in Amauta 2 in the ATE district. The youth managed to build the rooms and paint them, and the construction of the roof will be [completed by the] school. The project was important to build classrooms of noble material since the children of this school studied in very humble conditions with prefabricated wooden classrooms. Now they can have the space and comfort they need. [With the open top, the school] will be able to build a second floor, thus giving the possibility that more children in the area can receive the education they deserve.

Builders should know that we admire the physical and financial effort they put in this year. Despite exhaustion and illness, they were there to support and be part of a dream come true. This sacrifice of young people, leaders, and parents will be a blessing both for them and for the Amauta 2 school. Thank you very much!!!” – Zarahemla Lopez

Philippines Cebu

Nutrition Center Construction

“We have a project partnership with Humanitarian Experience and Rise and Rebuild International Foundation, Inc. Building Nutrition Centers. [This project is important] for the very purpose of having a place for the learners to enjoy the prepared meals. The facility makes a big difference in addressing malnutrition [among many]. [To our HXP Builders,] we are forever grateful for your time, best effort, love, and your big heart in serving our young learners who are in need. Dedicating a part of your life’s journey makes a big difference to many. Till next time… It’s an honor serving with you!!!” – Judith Mascardo-Pua

Philippines San Pablo

Nutrition Center Construction

“[This summer, Humanitarian Experience groups accomplished the construction of a] School Nutrition Center with Wash Facility for San Buenaventura Elementary School. Children in underserved communities face malnutrition and inadequate access to nutritious food. The school nutrition center provides a place for the 493 students of San Buenaventura Elementary School to receive healthy meals, promoting their physical and cognitive development, overall health, and ability to learn effectively. Children who receive proper nutrition and quality education are more likely to break the cycle of poverty in their families. As they grow up with improved skills and knowledge, they will have better opportunities for employment and higher income potential.

Brick by brick, we’re constructing more than a building; we’re building a bridge to brighter horizons for the students – nourishing their bodies, inspiring their minds, and empowering their futures.” – Sander and Gigi Guevarra

Samoa Apia

Classroom Construction

“The project we built this year was two new classrooms, and the builders have accomplished [the] two new classrooms for Saina Toamua Primary School. The number of [students in] the school has grown, but the condition of the classrooms [were previously] bad. The impact of this project is to help these students to have a clean and stable building to learn and be educated, and also the future generations to come.

[To our 2023 Builders,] you have made a difference in the lives of these students, and it was a blessing for these kids to receive such a gift from all of you. Thank you so much for your selfless love you have shown these students and all the best with your future endeavors. Faafetai Tele Lava.” – Sylvia

Samoa Upolu

Classroom Construction

“The 5 teams all worked hard and completed these two rooms. All teams have accomplished their targets. This project was very important to each group as it showed them the heart of working together to achieve goals. The village people pray for these two rooms. [One will serve as a library and the other will serve as a science classroom.] The school started a very long time [ago] but has not had a library and no science rooms, now they have them. 

In the future, this building will stay and be marked as a token of our friendship between Vaimoso Village and HXP! I am John Joseph. Let me have this opportunity on behalf of the village people of Vaimoso to say thank you HXP for your kind and lending help for these two huge rooms. Without them, our children [would] still struggle with no library room and no science room. God bless you.” – John Joseph

Thailand Chaing Mai

Classroom Construction

“[In] this 2023 HXP project for Chiang Mai, Thailand, we built 3 classrooms of total 1,356 sqft for the San-pra-net school. Each classroom will serve approximately 30-35 kindergarten students. The school has had a challenge of not [having] enough studying space for all students. The school director even does not have his own office room and now he will, thanks to HXP! There are 5-10% more students added to the school each year. These 3 classrooms will stand ready and serve the future students. HXP youth have shown the local Thai people the light of Christ that shines through them. Thanks to all 5 groups for all your sacrifices and choosing Chiang Mai, Thailand as your summer’s humanitarian project!” – Ken Sawdang

Thailand Udon

Classroom Construction

This summer, HXP Builders constructed two additional school rooms and six additional restrooms in Udon, Thailand. 

“The school needed the classrooms because they [didn’t] have enough room for the students [to learn]. This school [houses] students from grades 1-5. [The students] will have a chance to use these rooms as a computer room and a science room… The restrooms will also help students to have more restrooms to use while they have school activity also during the day. All of the students in the school still miss all of the Builders. What the Builders have done is a blessing to them.” – Wongsagon Jarataroonchay (Tiger)

Tonga Fua'amotu

Home Construction

“The project for HXP 2023 was to coordinate houses to be built for families here in Tonga who were living under poor conditions. This has been a great opportunity for both service and conversion because we not only were able to build houses for members [of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] but also non-members and possibly potential [individuals interested in learning more about Christ]. It has also given the builders a chance to come out of their shells and/or comfort zones and see the bigger picture. From this experience, they were able to accomplish and complete three houses this summer, made new friends who they can continue to keep in contact with, work as a team, support one another, and prioritize and lay a strong foundation both physically and spiritually. This project was important to fulfill due to the fact that these people who we have built for had little to nothing at all in their shelters and will probably take a lifetime to save up to build a house like we did. But because of what the HXP groups have done this year with these three houses, that became a source of hope for these people to keep striving and moving forward in all aspects of their lives. To the builders of HXP Tonga 2023, please know how grateful we are for all you have done here to make this whole project possible. I hope you continue to use what you have learned here as a tool so you can be able to face anything that life will hit you with. I believe in you to have that strong foundation just like the one you had built here. We love you!” – Peau

Tonga Tapu

Home Construction

“Our project for this year was building houses for families who are very poor and could never afford to build a house of their own. The first family with their 3 children ages 6, 9, and 12, have been moving from house to house because they could not afford one. They reached out to me for help in 2019 but then COVID-19 hit in 2020 and HXP was on hold for 3 years [in Tonga]. [One family] had been living in a tent for more than 5 years due to a house fire. [Another is a family with] 6 kids who had been living in a shack for almost 10 years.

These projects were so important because we are approaching the cyclone season in Tonga (October to April) and these families need something better to protect them from nature’s fury. The measurements of the houses we built were 30 x 20 ft, made of cement and blocks. The builders did a fantastic job from landscaping to digging the foundation, laying the bricks, building every wall layer, and filling the walls with cement mix to make the house strong and durable to withstand a Category 5 cyclone. I am very confident that our houses meet those cyclone standards.

I am super proud of HXP builders for all the sacrifices they made to give these wonderful families a house that they can live in with their families. These families and their children will always remember the HXP builders and those who helped to give them hope for a better future. The impact these services will have on these families and their future is immeasurable and they can pay it forward to someone else in need. I want to thank the HXP staff, builders, and every one of you who was part of this project, for your sacrifices and efforts and for helping our people in Tonga to have a better life. I love each and every one of you. Keep doing what you’re doing because you are all wonderful. I could not ask for a better team to work with than you guys. You are all amazing. I can’t wait for next year and what comes our way. God bless you all. ‘Ofa atu.” – Lima


Classroom Construction

“This project was blocks of classrooms for Zimbiru Primary School. The builders did all the brickwork, plastering, and roofing. This school had kids attending classes under a tree and having this project definitely reduces that from occurring. I went there today and when the kids learned that I was representing HXP who had built the classrooms they all wanted to come to me and just hug me and express their gratitude. This project is an answer to the school and they are truly grateful for HXP. They send their heartfelt gratitude.” – Sawman