Common Travel Questions

The following questions are common travel-related questions that we receive. If you have other questions that haven’t been answered, you can contact us by email at or phone at (801) 900-4111.

Builder Checklist: Travel Information

Meetup Information Timeline

Mainland meetup information went live 90 days before the first trip of the season, all other trip flight information will be posted to Builder Portals 90 days before the start date of the trip. This information includes the airline you’re flying to and the flight information for the first and last leg of international travel so you can book domestic arrival and departure travel accordingly. Please review the Travel Information tab of your Builder Portal for more detailed information.

Because we do not coordinate domestic travel for you, your trip GroupMe is the best place to contact other Builders if you’d like to book the same flights as other group members. A GroupMe link will become available in your Builder Portal 90 days before the first day of your trip, then you can add yourself to that group.

If you’d like to connect the miles your flight to a frequent flier account, you can do this either upon check-in to your international flight or after you’ve returned home from your trip.

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Flying as an Unaccompanied Minor

If you are planning to use unaccompanied minor services (provided by airlines for youth, aged 14 to 16, traveling alone). This service is covered by a fee in addition to normal ticket cost and allows an adult or badged employee to escort you to the gate. For more information about this service, click the button below.

COVID-19 Regulations

If your 2023 HXP trip location is on this list, there are COVID-19 requirements for tourists entering the country. Click the button below to review those requirements and begin planning accordingly.

These requirements are subject to change, so please revisit this blog post one month and one week before your trip departs to check for updates and ensure that you didn’t miss anything.

Applying for Your Visa

Please wait for the Green Light via text/email from the HXP office to get started on your visa!

Although getting a visa for your trip will take a little extra work, it’s going to be so worth it!

Your visa is critical for your trip! If you don’t get a visa in time for your trip, you will not be able to enter your country. In the “Green Light” text/email, we will send you the guidelines and necessary materials (flight confirmation numbers, hotel reservations, letters of recommendation, etc.) that you need to apply for your visa. It is your responsibility to get everything done correctly and in time. We will do our best to support you, but once you’ve applied for your visa, we have limited control. Because of this, it is extremely important that you stick to the directions and deadlines that you are sent.

The following locations require Yellow Fever vaccination in order to obtain a visa:

  • Ghana
  • Zimbabwe

We suggest that you get your Yellow Fever vaccine as soon as possible so that you will be ready when it comes time to apply for your visa. Yellow Fever vaccinations are administered at travel clinics and doctor’s offices.

*Ghana requires you to mail in your passport to their NYC consulate in to receive your visa. Because of this, you won’t be able to travel internationally 60 days before the start date of your trip. Plan on not having any international trips 60 days before the start date of your trip, as you won’t have your passport for that time.

Preparing for Your Trip

Packing Tips

An efficient packer is a happy Builder! One of the best ways to start preparing for travel is by packing for your trip. Click here for more packing tips and here for some of our favorite Amazon finds. To view your trip-specific packing list, click the button below.

How to Prepare for Your Trip

In 2022, we created Builder Prep videos with past participants giving advice to future Builders! Click the link below to view the current playlist. For more tips for preparing for you trip, click here.