The Why: Palmyra

Embark on your leadership journey by exploring where the Restoration of the Gospel began. Journey back to the roots of your faith by learning why Joseph the Prophet sought God in the grove of trees near his home. Take time to hear what God wants to tell you; hear Him speak to you through the scriptures and through your prayers.  Learn what it means to follow the prophet and become a student of the scriptures. Build bridges with your brothers and sisters of other faiths. Meet youth of other faiths, learn from how they worship, and share with them how you worship. 

Summit Palmyra takes you to historical sites in Ohio andNew York. These include Historic Kirtland, the Sacred Grove, and the Hill Cumorah, to name a few. Besides Church history sites, you will also visit Seneca Falls, the place of the first women’s suffrage convention; Harriett Tubman’s home, and others. 

Returning home from Summit Palmyra, you will be equipped with the tools to understand the process of the Restoration. You will have a better understanding of who Joseph the Prophet is. You will have a stronger connection with God. You will have the tools to continuously strengthen the foundation of your faith. You will be able to answer your own questions and others’ questions about the Restoration and the Church. Summit Palmyra is not the end, but the only beginning of your great disciple-leadership journey.