Summit Applications

Summit applications for Summer 2022 are now open! The application closes before official Registration Week. Don’t wait to apply!

Summit is different from any other HXP experience. When you come on Summit, you do not perform Humanitarian work in the sense that Build and Refuge do. Instead, you tap into your inner disciple-leader by deeply studying the scriptures and exploring the sites where the scripture stories happened. You meet and interact with teenagers just like you, but who have different beliefs and backgrounds. You learn what it means to think responsibly about current issues and how to work creatively to resolve conflict. This trip will change your life. But with all this learning and growing, WE HAVE FUN. We swim, climb, eat, cook, play, joke, and laugh.
We want you to bring your whole, entire self. Bring your sense of humor, your Gospel questions, your quirks and insecurities, your goals and hopes.

Because this is such a special trip, we only take Builders who apply for the trip. The application is a simple survey that helps us get to know you better.

First, it sorts out the logistics of our trips. When are you able to travel with us?
Second, the application shows us who you are and why you want to come on a Summit trip.
Third, the application helps us realize what you will contribute to one of these life-changing trips.

Thanks for being part of our Summit experience! We are excited for the lessons we will learn and the memories we will make.

Applications are now open. Jerusalem applications closed Friday, October 29. Palmyra applications close November 4.

The links to the application are below:

Summit Jerusalem 2022

Summit Palmyra 2022