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After more than two decades sending Humanitarian XP Builders all over the world, we’ve been able to pinpoint a few key elements that consistently make trips great. One of these factors is when Builders of all ages attend HXP expeditions alone. Time and time again, group dynamics are stifled when friends, cousins, or siblings come together. Because of this, Humanitarian XP’s registration system is strategically designed to make it very difficult to get on the same trip as someone that you know. We strongly believe that our Builders are capable individuals that, when given the opportunity to be independent, can learn a lot about themselves and connect with strangers quickly.

“I can’t imagine going on a different trip with different people. We all believed that we were there for a reason, and that was impactful. I didn’t know anyone on my trip and it was scary at first. My sister went on a trip this summer, but I was glad we didn’t go together because by the end of the first day I had made lifelong friends. I went somewhere where no one knew who I was and I was allowed to just be me. It was a fresh slate, I got to be who I am, not what people make me out to be—that is one of the most liberating feelings.” – Anders White (Belize)

Siblings, cousins, and friends are still able to connect after their trips, even when their experiences are in different regions of the world. “Going on different trips than my siblings and cousins helped me connect with them better afterward because we were able to talk about our experiences and hear the similarities and differences in the trips. When we met up afterwards we got to hear each other’s experiences and how the trip was unique to us and what we were working on.” – Ady White (Kenya) 

We understand the hesitations that come with sending your child on a trip alone, especially when it comes to domestic and international travel. One mother commented, “I was a little nervous to have my child fly across the world not knowing anyone. From the trip Instagram page, I could see that he quickly was making new friends and that they were having a great time as a group. While he was gone, my husband and I prayed for a small miracle that he would feel the spirit and be able to recognize what he was feeling to himself. The miracles he experienced superseded what we hoped for. We were so grateful he was able to take this journey alone. We felt it really forced him to open himself up to any possibility. The benefits of him being able to be vulnerable because he had no one to ‘impress’ or worry about, ended up being a miracle. We are huge fans of HXP and will forever be grateful for the life-changing experiences our son received.” – Lysa Smith (mother at home)

We admire our parents at home that set aside their own anxieties and encourage their children to jump in and fully embrace this life-changing experience.

“Sending my two kids to countries I’ve never been to, on planes around the world, without a friendly face that I personally knew was a leap. A leap into growth, trust, and adventure. I knew I wanted my kids to not only grow but blossom this summer with this experience. And having been through a pandemic, school closures, isolation, and canceled activities, I knew it was the perfect time to let them experience for themselves what the world looked like without a familiar hand to hold.

I knew, even though it was hard on my mama heart, that sending my kids into the unknown, on their own, was very much an exercise for me to believe in them wholeheartedly. That they would have the capacity to ask for help or directions, that they could navigate in a world they may have never experienced, they could find connections and friendships that would sustain and uplift them, and above all that they could draw closer to the Savior and see what they can truly become. Being independent of family through all of this was crucial because it gave my children the chance to take those steps all on their own. And they did. And it was miraculous.” – Erin White (mother at home)

We spoke to more members of this family and got additional testimonials about the power of meeting all new people on your Humanitarian XP trip. They loved that no matter which trip they came on, and which people ended up in the group, they still felt confident that they’d have an incredible experience.

“For people going alone, there’s hope. Don’t worry about being there without friends and the comfort of your family. It can seem really daunting at first, but HXP has picked the best of the best when it comes to trip leaders. They are your comfort. Be willing to put yourself out there and most importantly, be you. This trip is not only to serve others but to find who you are and who you want to become. Be outgoing, be yourself, and have fun!” – Oliver Smith (Ghana)

“I recognize that it is a big deal to send your kids across the country by themselves to do service. Sending my 16-year-old son and my 17-year-old daughter this year was one of the best experiences of their lives. If there are any parents that are on the fence trying to decide if they should do this for their children, I can’t emphasize enough how enthusiastically you should make arrangements for them to go.” – Cameron White (father at home)

These cousins were able to come home from their trips last summer, and bond over their shared experiences. Because of this, they got the best of both worlds—a unique experience where they could grow spiritually, socially, and culturally on their own, and also a common topic to chat about at the next family party. We hope you will embrace their words and venture out, solo, as you register for your HXP trip.