2022 Project Story: Tahiti Pape’ete

Located halfway between Australia and South America in the south pacific ocean, French Polynesia is a country of 118 tropical islands, 67 of which are populated. At the center of these remote paradise islands is the main island of Tahiti. Although Tahiti and her islands are known for their breathtaking calm warm waters, and their exquisite crystal blue lagoons such as Bora Bora, Tahiti also has an unseen side to it.

Almost one-fourth of the local population lives in poverty, and even more struggle to make a decent living. With almost half of the population located in the main urban cities, stable living conditions are becoming more and more scarce as the urban population grows.

On top of this problem, conditions have become more than unwelcoming with the addition of a global pandemic. 68% of the Tahitian population gains it’s income from tourism, leaving a devastating mark on the economy and society this past year. One of the greatest problems that arose from these conditions is the need for decent housing.

Our project will be assisting with this housing need, as we will be building shelters for struggling members in the local community. This project will not only touch the lives of those in need, but will leave them with a new and safe place to live for generations to come.