2023 Project Story: Outer Banks

In 2019, North Carolina’s poverty rate was 13.6 percent, meaning 1.4 million people live in poverty without adequate or affordable housing options. In rural areas, this problem is even worse, with one in of five children reported to be living at or below the poverty line. In the last 20 years, a radical demographic transformation has occurred in certain areas of North Carolina. The boom of recreational development and gated communities created an influx of wealthy, part-time residents. This has driven the cost of real estate up so high that most middle- and low-income families can no longer afford it, forcing many to relocate to mobile homes.

Builders will be working in partnership with Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry(WARM). WARM specializes in safety related repairs for low-income homeowners. This consists of many home repairs, but also hurricane recovery, accessibility upgrades, and deferred maintenance. This summer, HXP Builders will be assisting in these home repairs and see the life-changing difference that safe, secure housing makes for families. 

On Fridays, you will be able to further help in the community by working on local farms. Many children in the county don’t have enough food for a healthy and active life. These farms grow over 12,000 pounds of food a year to give to those in need.