2022 Project Story: Mozambique Maputo

Currently, Mozambique has some of the lowest health indicators in Africa. More than one in ten adults in Mozambique have HIV/AIDS, and over 200,000 children are also affected. Combined, that accounts for over 1.5 million people that currently struggling to fight this disease. Additionally, chronic illness and poor diet are the greatest factors in the 44 percent of young Mozambican children whose growth has been stunted. Health infrastructure in the country is extremely limited, with only three doctors available per one hundred thousand people. Most Mozambicans must walk an hour or more to get to the nearest health facility, and when they arrive, medical staff members have access to limited resources and training to fulfill their needs. 

This summer, HumanitarianXP Builders will construct three additional rooms at a neighborhood health center outside the capital of Maputo. This center primarily serves mothers, children, and HIV/AIDS patients and ensures that they get the care they need. However, this center is currently operating at capacity. Current staffing and infrastructure constraints limit the center’s outreach and only allows them to help a small percentage of the local population. 

The additional rooms built by HXP Builders will increase the center’s working capacity by 50 percent, allowing many more people to receive essential health care. The new structure will help to save thousands of lives by providing a sanitary space where healthcare workers can provide proper medical assistance. This will significantly decrease the percentage of people who die from HIV/AIDS and other prevalent diseases.

Source: Global Health: U.S. Agency for International Development