2022 Project Story: Mexico Cuidad Del Sol

With an increasing number of students in Ixtapa, Mexico classes are often taught with an overwhelming number of students for every one teacher. This decreases the attention that each student receives, thus, decreasing the quality of the education as a whole. Each year, the schools have to turn away students due to lack of space.

The HumanitarianXP builders will build classrooms for elementary aged students with special needs. These students will use these classrooms to further their education for a better quality of life as they learn of their educational potential from a young age.

With the increase in classrooms, the current 354 students will be able to have smaller class sizes to be able to get the attention from the teachers that they need. In addition this school is the only school in the area with any resources to help the special education students. Improving the education of a student with special needs increases the likelihood of a child going on to further education in the future. Our builders will have the opportunity to serve the community through supporting the educational efforts that are in need of resources