2022 Project Story: Malta

In 2019 the UNHCR reported that a total of 70.8 million individuals had been displaced from their homes worldwide. Of those displaced, 25.9 million have traveled across borders and received asylum in other countries, officially changing their status to “refugees.”

At this time, the largest population of refugees come to Malta from African countries, especially Libya, as well as many from Syria. In addition, many refugees end up in Malta unintentionally, as Malta is responsible for search and rescue in a large part of the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, “Malta hosted 19 refugees for every 1,000 inhabitants last year” and is ranked 10th in the world of countries with the most refugees per capita.

We will be working at a refugee center in the heart of the island. Here we will be renovating the lodging that refugees are living in to make it more comfortable for them. In addition, we will be building a greenhouse and will be connecting with refugees through teaching classes and volunteering with them.

More than 100 families who live at the refugee center will achieve a much higher living standard, as well as many more refugees who come in future years. This living standard will help refugees to get on their feet and better be able to be adjusted in the community! Participants will build lasting relationships with people from many different backgrounds as they work together to improve the current and future situation of those living in the center.

Source: Malta, one of main refugee host countries (timesofmalta.com)