2023 Project Story: Malawi Blantyre

In the past decade, Malawi has been able to make significant economic and structural reforms and sustain economic growth, yet it remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Approximately 51.5 percent of Malawi’s population lives below the poverty line with 20.1 percent living in extreme poverty. Malawi has a GDP of $389 per person (third-lowest in the world), and an early lockdown due to Covid-19 only further increased the financial strain on communities and families. Economic sacrifices have been especially difficult for a nation already battling issues with malnutrition, infectious diseases, and access to education.

Malawi’s education system in particular has not received the funding necessary to provide enough classrooms for an ever-growing population. Many schools have begun using a two or even three-track system to allow multiple groups of children to use the school in a single day. This means many kids can only go to school for a few hours in the morning or afternoon. Even with this track system, classrooms remain severely overcrowded with 60-100+ students packed into each room. 

This summer, you will be part of the solution to this issue by constructing classrooms for the Chigwaja primary school, offering new spaces for children to receive their education. This will give learners a conducive environment for learning which will increase enrollment, and pass rates, and reduce absenteeism as well as dropout rate. Your service will be invaluable in providing these children with new opportunities for learning, growth, and development.