2023 Project Story: India

In the Himachal Pradesh region, 90% of the population is rural and works in the agriculture sector. Although most people work as farmers, the average plot of owned land does not yield enough crops to cover the cost of living for a family unit. Because of this, the population has become dependent on other sources of income generation like daily labor, self-employment, and the unorganized service sector. In recent years, education levels in this area have improved and women share good status when it comes to equal rights, but continue to lack exposure to new-age technology and skills which hinders employment opportunities.

While women in villages have time to work, they don’t have the same opportunities that men do for self-employment. Lack of financial management, rational thinking, and communication skills negatively impact their access to health services, personal hygiene, and livelihood generation. There is a need in these communities for a place where women can gather to share, learn, and access information.

This summer, HXP Builders will construct a community and training center to serve local women living rural villages. The center will include a common hall, rooms for gathering, a store to sell handmade goods, and will bring women of all backgrounds together, regardless of caste and religion. The female-run training center will directly impact 1,350 women that will be eligible for training and employment. In addition to training and gathering, the group will run one day camps to teach about things like health, hygiene, and other gender-specific skills.